Brandi is in the ring with a mic in hand she circles the ring rigorously appearing to come off impatient, “Alright brats, since the three of you can’t stay out of each other’s businesses lets fight tonight and this time lets make it a three on one match, my only condition is you three need to tag in one at a time to fight me.”

JR: “What is she thinking??!”

Beautiful people make their entrance at the ramp. The girls are giggling on their way out. Velvet has the mic and is all smiles, “What happened to our bag last week? You looked cute under it.” The other women around her giggle at saying. Angelina grabs the mic, “I like what Brandi is saying, lets beautify her girls.” The three march to the ring for their match.

Madison is the first to enter and charges Brandi.

Brandi kicks her in the mid-section and gives her a stiff side-Russian leg sweep. Brandi gets back up and circles Madison. Madison gets back up but Brandi heads runs towards her and gives an unusual but devasting hurricanranna.

Velvet sky charges Brandi suddenly… Brandi react instinctively and delivers a big boot to the face of Sky knocking her down.

Love is already charging her as she clothesline Brandi down harshly. Brandi is down.

Love checks on Sky as Madison gets out of the ring. She digs under the ring and grabs a brown bag and lifts it to show to the crowd.

JR: “Not this again.”

Carrie pops up out of nowhere and grabs Madison and throws her into the barricade. Carrie looks up at the three women in the ring standing. Love and Sky are looking down daring Carrie to get into the ring.

The third woman up grabs Sky and throws her out of the ring.

Angela turns around surprised.

Carrie gets into the ring and grabs Angela and throws her out of the ring at the other end. The crowd cheers what seems to be a new alliance.

Carrie and Brandi get back to back as they prepare for any one of these women to enter the ring.

The beautiful people retreat up the ramp. Love, “ You’re both gonna get it at Hell in a Cell!”

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