Nikki is still being followed by the camera person and walks into the cafeteria area. Nikki’s like a barbarian doing whatever she wants, “Sasha are you in here!!!”

Robbie and Angelina are seen casually hanging out and talking with Sasha as the three of them turn their heads to see the brutish yelling coming from the other side of the room. Sasha has a slice of cake on her plate and is in the middle of chewing her food. Angelina and Robbie step aside not wanting any part of the craziness.

Nikki power walks up to Sasha.

Sasha’s eyes tell the story. She just stares at Nikki like she’s lost her mind, but not backing down from her.

Nikki is finally standing in the spot where Robbie and Angelina were just standing. Nikki wastes no time in getting to her point, “It’s my turn!”

Sasha opens her mouth to question Nikki but Nikki has already begun her assault.

Nikki flips the plate upward crushing the cake in Sasha’s face. Nikki uses that magic forearm of hers to bash Sasha across the face. Everyone stares in horror as she’s begins handling Sasha.

Nikki grabs Sasha by the back of her head and repeatedly hammers her head onto a nearby table. “I’m just dumb strength, huh bitch!” Nikki grabs what appears to be a cocktail from Robbie’s hand and pours it onto Sasha’s head. Wetting Sasha hair and head. “Oh, I only dyed part of your hair, huh?”

Nikki questions Robbie politely, “Where did you get this drink? Sasha’s still thirsty.”

Robbie nervously points towards a large container in which the alcohol could be poured from. The top portion of the container is exposed with no lid. It’s a glass container.

Nikki is nice to Robbie, “Thank you.”

Nikki walks Sasha over to the container and violently dumps her head into the container of alcohol. Nikki drowns Sasha in the cocktail. “It’s time to dye your hair again Sasha!”

Sasha is trying to fight but she wasn’t ready for this attack. She can’t breathe anymore and alcohol begins entering her lungs.

Nikki takes her head out of the container and shoves Sasha between her legs getting her ready for what looks like a powerbomb.

Sasha begins coughing out the alcohol that had entered her system. Nikki picks Sasha up and monstrously destroys the cocktail container by powerbombing Sasha through the glass container.

Everyone in the cafeteria is too scared to do anything about what they’re seeing.

Nikki turns to the camera, “Did you get all that?” The camera nods. Nikki is happy now, “Good! Now get a shot of me posing over this bitch. Nikki puts her boot over Sasha’s face as her hair turns red from the alcohol spilled all over the ground. Sasha’s mouth hangs open as the side of her face rests on the floor. “Make sure you get a shot of my boot on her face too.

The camera has a good shot of Nikki as she begins her dance now. Nikki’s boot is all wet as well at this point and it’s using one side of Sasha’s face to avoid getting anymore wet. Nikki begins doing her booty dance over Sasha. She does the dance awkwardly since she wants to keep one boot on Sasha’s face. She continues her sexy dance as the camera person appears to take out an iPhone to play her music theme so she has something to dance to. Nikki stops momentarily to point down at Sasha since her mouth is open. “See Robbie, she was thirsty, she’s still drinking.” For good measure Nikki stomps Sasha’s face and walks off. “Come on, this way this way.” The camera follows her as the camera cuts to JR and King.

400 × 422

They’re speechless at the announce table just staring at the screen in front of them. JR finally looks up and tells the camera, “I think we need to go to commercial.” Camera fades.

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