***My bad got caught up with other stuff this weekend. But I’ll post the beginning to hell in a cell now and the rest next week.***

Hell in a cell opens with a video package highlighting the ongoing feud between Paige, Kelly and Nikki & Brandi Rhodes, Carrie and the Beautiful People.

The camera shows off the steel structure hanging over the ring as the ominous hell in a cell music theme plays. The lights flash black and white as the creepy theme plays, giving goosebumps to the onlookers.

Before the cell gets to the ring, we see that an evil chair is in the ring. Its red and silver with skulls on it. But that’s not the most creepiest item in the ring right now. In that chair is Ariel with her legs crossed and beside her is table with a cloth covering something that’s on the table. Ariel sits in the evil chair waiting for the music theme to stop… until finally it does.

Ariel, with the mic in her hand, confident, “What better way to set this night up than Hell in a Cell with me. This is my favorite ppv of the year and its perfect for me to leave my mark on it, despite not having a match tonight.” Ariel crosses her legs in the ring again to the other side, “Tonight is the return of your favorite superstar … but she’s not just your favorite… she also happens to be my favorite.” A sinister grin appears across her face. “The Trish Stratus you see tonight is not the same one you all are used to, she’s changed. Trish Stratus is now mine. Trish will do what I request of her, and not only that…” Ariel becomes more serious, “… she’s also my weapon!”

Ariel lightens the mood a bit, “I’ll get into that another time. Right now I want to introduce you to the greatest of all time… and she belongs to me,… TTTRRRIIISSSSHH STRATUS!!

The familiar giggle echoes throughout the arena. The crowd is on their feet to see what’s all the fuss Ariel is talking about. Trish’s music continues to play.

Torrie Wilson comes out the entrance way through the black curtain doing Trish’s hand pointing to the crowd. She mocks Trish’s famous single finger pointing to the crowd. Torrie is all smiles as she returns back through the curtain. She walks someone out of the back area by her hand. She has a red blanket over her so that she can’t be seen. Torrie skips on down to the ring while guiding the figure. The figure walks slowly down the ramp. Torrie is still all smiles glowing.

JR: “Boy is she evil king. I wonder the heck these two have up their sleeve now.”

King: “I’m still shocked by how Torrie has aged. She hasn’t changed since she’s left. She looks like she’s 20 again!”

Torrie helps the figure into the ring. Ariel looks on sinisterly.

Ariel gets up on her feet. Torrie positions the mystery figure in front Ariel as Ariel is now face to face (under a blanket) with the figure. The crowd is on their feet trying to see, while others are flashing photography.

Ariel is ready to introduce, “Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Trish Stratus!” Ariel removes the red silk blanket from the figure’s head.

The flash photography goes rampant with flashes to take pictures. Trish Stratus is under the blanket and the crowd is shocked to see Trish Stratus. JR and King can be seen looking on with wonder at Trish Stratus who’s not doing anything but standing there now face to face with Ariel in the middle of the ring.

The camera focuses on one particular audience member. The audience member slowly starts to applaud. Her sentiment is shared by others in the audience as they begin to applaud and suddenly the shock and wonder of earlier was no more. They were now cheering as the crowd is happy with what they see.

Trish Stratus is young and beautiful. She looks like she’s 20 again. She looks like The old… well the young Trish Stratus is standing in the ring. Trish isn’t reacting to the audience. She just looks on at Ariel as Ariel looks right back at Trish smiling slightly. Ariel soaks in the cheers… for now because they won’t be cheering much longer.

Ariel raises the mic to her mouth, “Trish Stratus! Get on your knees!” to the shock of the crowd. The crowd is mystified that Ariel would say such a think to Trish. The crowd wasn’t expecting what followed.

Trish dropped to one knee before Ariel. The crowd wasn’t expecting this shocking turn of events as some begin to boo.

Trish gets on both her knees before Ariel and looks up at Ariel. Like a puppy waiting for Ariel’s orders. Ariel full on smiles now as she suddenly sees the cheers from earlier go crushing down before her in boos.

Ariel continues with the humiliation. Ariel takes the blanket from her table and rips it off. On the table is a collar and chain. The crowd is booing furiously now as they don’t like where this is going.

Ariel gets the horror over with and approaches Trish and just wraps the collar around Trish’s neck as Trish just takes it. Ariel quickly clips it to her chain and sits in her chair. The flash photography ramps up again as the mighty Trish Stratus has fallen.

Ariel has a mic in her hand as she begins to speak.

Suddenly the camera goes off for a few minutes. The crowd can be heard booing thunderously loud. As the viewers at home can’t see what’s going on.

The camera comes back on after a few minutes. The camera returns to Ariel walking up the ramp with Torrie Wilson at her side and Trish Stratus on her hands and knees crawling up the ramp between them. Empty fountain drink cups and others of the line are being thrown at the trio as they walk up the ramp. The chain around her collar as it hangs over Trish’s neck. Trish is being walked out of the arena like a dog by Ariel.

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