Carrie and Brandi make their way down the ramp to some cheers from the audience. Carrie takes the stairs into the ring but Brandi rolls through the bottom rope and immediately tackles Velvet Sky down to the mat. She punches away at her as Velvet tries to protect herself. The ref rings the bell as he tries getting the women out of the ring.

JR: “That’s kind of a weird move by the ref to just start the match like that. He didn’t even give Velvet a chance to get herself together.”

King: “If you have that many beautiful people in the ring trying to kill each other you’d be happy that you could at least get it down to only two women fighting right now.”

JR: “Good point!”

The ref finally gets Brandi off of Velvet. Brandi wants to get more of Velvet but she desperately crawls to her corner to tag Angelina.

Angelina accepts the tag and launches right into the ring in a sprint towards Brandi. The ref finally lets Brandi go and the two women both go for the lou thesz press. They collide with each other awkwardly in the middle of the ring. Angelina falls on her knees after the collision but Brandi lands on her feet. They momentarily make eye contact with one another. There’s anger in Brandi’s eyes. In Angelina’s eyes there’s an “Oh Shit!” look in her eyes as she accepts that Brandi has the higher ground right now. Brandi immediately slugs Angelina across the face. Before Angelina can fall to the mat Brandi jumps on her and starts smashing the back of Angelina’s head into the mat. Madison has had enough and runs into the ring to take a cheap shot. Madison connects with a bulldog onto Brandi. Madison gets up and begins walking herself out of the ring with her hands up, indicating she’s not trying to fight anymore. Carrie is already getting held back by the ref as she tried to enter the ring to break up the interference. The ref continues moving Carrie out of the ring and keeping an eye on Madison as he yells towards her to get out of the ring.

King: “See JR. The ref doesn’t have it easy.”

JR: “yea, you made your point.”

Angelina crawls towards Velvet to get a tag as Velvet is reaching into the ring for the tag from Angelina. Brandi crawls towards Carrie and reaches for her tag. Carrie reaches right in and tags Brandi. Velvet gets the hot tag from Angelina and runs into the ring. Madison isn’t waiting either she rushes into the ring and the ref now has all five women in the ring as he begins trying to get each woman out of the ring until only the legal members are left in the ring. Velvet rushes towards Carrie. The ref already grabs Madison and fights to get her out of the ring. Velvet tries to clothesline Carrie and ducks her clothesline and runs the ropes.

Strangely, Sky just completely ignored Carrie as she ran the ropes to bounce off the other side of the ring’s ropes. Sky then grabs the still downed, Brandi. Sky picks up Brandi and has her up like a shield.

JR: “King, I didn’t even notice this but Carrie is carrying the ugly stick in her hand!!!

Carrie is running towards Brandi and Sky and she smashes the ugly stick across Brandi’s head.

. JR “What the hell is this?!?!?”

Velvet and Carrie stare each other. Velvet smiles at Carrie. Carrie begins blushing.

The ref gets Madison out of the ring as she smiles from her corner of the ring now with Angelina by her side.

Carrie lays on the mat. Velvet hooks the leg as the ref makes the count and the match is over. Carrie and Velvet get to their feet and hug each other as the crowd boos the women.

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