Carrie Underwood leads the charge, as she circles her victim. “I’m not the good girl anymore.”

Angelina pulls out a bag from under the ring and brings it into the ring. Madison is setting up Brandi in the ropes so that her arms are tied down in the top and second rope. Brandi is helpless in the ring now. Sky is looking through Angelina’s bag and pulls out some lipstick. All the women are giddy with excitement as they prepare for whatever they have in store for Brandi.

Sky gives the lipstick to Carrie. Carrie is smirking as she approaches Brandi. Carrie begins applying the lipstick to her lips. Carrie’s lips turn a maroon color as she gives it back to Sky. Carrie is eye level with Brandi as Brandi is still out from the shot she took earlier.

Carrie nonchalantly, “Maybe I should wake her up, huh ladies?”

Carrie takes Brandi’s head in her hands and as her mouth approaches Brandi, her tongue can be seen slightly by the camera, it looks like whatever Carrie is going to do its going to be wet. Carrie presses her tongue and lips to Brandi’s forehead. Carrie is slobbering on Brandi’s forehead. It looks like a wet sensual kiss being applied to Brandi’s forehead until Carrie changes her facial expression to a sinister smile. Carrie stops kissing Brandi’s forehead and her teeth can now be seen as she bites down on Brandi’s forehead. Brandi is suddenly awake and begins yelling in pain. Unsure of what’s happening to her. Carrie continues to hold Brandi in place with her hands so that she can continue biting on Brandi’s forehead. Her teeth can be seen beginning to pierce Brandi’s skin. Brandi is screaming now. Carrie continues biting down harder until she gets what she’s hoping for. One of Carrie’s sharper tooth has penetrated Brandi’s skin and blood begins forming where her sharp tooth was biting.

The rest of the Beautiful People are laughing at this.

Carrie gets off of Brandi so she can let the others have their turn with Brandi. Madison and Angelina hold Brandi’s head in place so that she doesn’t try to bite. Madison’s hand getting smeared with Brandi’s blood as she holds her head down tightly. Sky then begins writing on Brandi’s face. Sky writes the word “Whore” with lipstick on Brandi’s forehead. The girls giggle at what they’re doing to Brandi and get a kick out of her torment.

Carrie is watching from the center of the ring as the women have their way with Brandi.

Brandi is visibly crying now in the ring. Brandi has realized that this is all real now and she’s being embarrassed by Velvet and her goons. Angelina takes the lipstick and begins writing on Brandi’s face. Brandi sobs as she has no choice but to take this brutality. Angelina draws an arrow on Brandi’s face and was able to write “Insert here” on her face with an arrow pointing towards Brandi’s mouth. Madison manically laughs at what Angelina put on Brandi’s face.

As Brandi fights through her tears, she finally sees beyond the Beautiful People, and sees Carrie there. Standing there, enjoying what’s happening to her. Carrie sees Brandi made eye contact with her and gives her a polite subtle wave to her acknowledging Brandi. The only thing Brandi can think right now is “Why??!! Why don’t you help me??!! Please help me!! Make this stop!!”

Madison takes the lipstick from Love’s hand, “It’s my turn girls, its might turn let me see what I want to do.” The other girls laughing uproariously eagerly anticipating how Madison will top them. Brandi’s is bleeding more now as the women apply more pressure on her. Brandi eyes look tired from all the tears she’s shed. She wishes she’s never got into wrestling at this point. This is ether worst thing that has ever happened to her by these horrible women.

Madison figures out what she wants to do. She takes the lipstick and pushes it upward exposing it completely.  Madison rips the lipstick substance from its cartridge, “Well since it says insert here…” Madison shoves the lipstick substance into Brandi’s mouth and shuts her mouth so she can’t spit it out. She uses her hand to apply pressure to Brandi’s mouth and forces Brandi’s head upward. Madison squeezes Brandi’s head trying to get her to swallow it. “Swallow it! Swallow it! Swallow it!”

Sky and Love are laughing uncontrollably at this and begin chanting, “Swallow it!” Madison uses her body as well to apply pressure. Brandi wants the torment to end, and swallow the ruined lipstick. Sky points at Brandi’s neck, “she did it! She did it! I saw her gulp it!” The girls back off of Brandi not by their own choice but because they’re rolling on the floor laughing at Brandi.

Carrie once more approaches Brandi, “Wow! You look like a bloody clown right now. They really did a number on you… Brandi… I’m not a good girl anymore.” Brandi extends out her bottom lip mockingly pretending to be sad for Brandi.  

Carrie then shows Brandi that she’s got the ugly stick in her hand. Brandi looks down helplessly, wanting to hide away her head in shame. Carrie bashes the ugly stick over the head of Brandi.

The lights go out for Brandi.

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