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3.6 SummerSlam Main Event WWE Champion Paige Vs. Trish Stratus

Trish and Paige are in the ring as ring introductions are done. Ariande is announcing the title match and introducing the women. Trish gets mega cheers the crowd is chanting her name eager to see Trish finally in battle and Paige gets loud boos as they’re announced. Paige’s eyes are locked on Trish as she’s mentally preparing for battle and strategizing how the match is going to go down in her head. As old as Trish has gotten Paige can’t undermine her.

Trish is staring a hole through Paige. Trish knows she hasn’t fought in awhile but she has a legacy in the business and she’s risking it all against Paige. Trish wants to be champion again and wants to be the one who shuts up Paige. Trish is mapping out how she’s gonna take down Paige as Ariande finishes up ring introductions.

Ding Ding.

Paige charges Trish and Trish charges right back to Paige. The crowd is cheering on as they know they’re going to see a battle.
Paige levels Trish with a thunderous close-line. Trish spins in the air as she lands on her back. Paige makes it to the corner that Trish was just standing during ring introductions. Paige turns around to see the damage of her close-line she just did to Trish. Trish is down on the ground still as Paige looks on smiling at the fallen Trish. Paige licks her upper lip as she walks toward the fallen Trish. Trish looks dazed on the floor not knowing where she’s at.

Paige looks down at Trish as Trish tries to get to all fours. Paige then looks to the crowd and scoffs.

Paige: “This one is going to be easy!” Paige looks back down at Trish who is struggling to get to all fours in front of Paige.

Paige: “I told you you’re too old to be stepping into the ring with me!” Paige yells her famous screech as she feels like she’s ready to put Trish away.

Trish is disoriented. She doesn’t know where she is but she feels sore from the neck. Coughing as she tries to grab onto Paige’s lower wrestling attire and legs to use her to get back to her feet. Paige grabs Trish by the chin and looks her dead in the eye. Paige looks into the dazed and confused Trish. “You’re mine! This is awesome!”

Paige suddenly flips Trish around and lifts her up for the PaigeTurner and drops Trish with a PaigeTurner. Trish is out cold. Paige gets Trish on her back as the crowd looks on stunned. Paige jumps on top of Trish’s belly and sits on her. Resting her warm butt on Trish’s hard-working abs. 1…2…3!

Paige looks to the crowd as they’re still shocked how this went down. Paige teases the crowd a bit as she sits on the fallen Trish as she does a little dance on Trish’s belly. She leans forward and rests one hand on Trish’s chest as she uses Trish’s chest for support so she can rub her nether regions on Trish’s belly as she’s dancing and given the title by the ref. This is my thrown she yells. Paige is ecstatic. The crowd looks on shocked by this. Paige was right Trish is too old for this.

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    1. Paige is champ for a reason. Trish thought she can just be old school trish and beat everyone. But times have changed and she learned the hard way that Paige is force to be reckoned with.


  1. Trish Stratus got 100 percent stratusfied by the world champion. I hope you do a Robbie or Angela match soon.


      1. Let’s see Torrie in action against anyone. It would be interesting to see how she does.
        Plus any Carrie, and Trish matches are always cool. Oh and let’s see Anna do battle


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