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Mickie James and Carmella have pre-taped promos before tonight’s show. They’re speaking to the camera in pre-taped mini boxes on screen as they make their entrances.

Mickie speaks to the camera first. “The question is, what does tonight’s match mean to me? Girl, let me tell you, if I can get a win tonight it means you get to see more of me. I want to be on-air more. If I can win tonight I get to go to the Elimination Chamber! I know my opponent tonight is just as hungry as me but this is my only chance. If I can win tonight, that’s it for me. Here I am, in a qualifier, in the main event! I’m more than a yearly Rumble appearance. This is my last shot!”

Carmella’s pretape promo airs during her entrance. “The question is, what are you willing to do to win this match? Youth is on my side tonight!” Carmella is obnoxious as she continues, “Have I won as many matches as some of these other broads? No! I didn’t have any luck against Anna Jay; so I’m going to do whatever it takes to win…” She steps up closer to the camera, “…whatever it takes!” A wink and kiss blow follows.

Mickie and Carmella lock up.

Mickie lowers herself and lifts Carmella up for a beautiful Northern Lights Suplex into a pinning combination.

The ref counts it.







Carmella kicks out.

JR: “Both women need wins, King. There’s only so much time available to these women weekly and to get an opportunity to wrestle a match is like auditioning for a part. It’s their shot to make an impression! This is their shot at getting featured more by making it to EC!”

Mickie grabs Carmella by her hair and takes her to the turnbuckle. She begins kicking her in the mid section, stomping her into the ground.

Mickie yells to the screens in the crowd, “Come on!”

She’s met with applause.

Mickie walks to the opposite end of the ring.

Carmella is seated in the corner. She’s catching her breath.

Mickie runs towards her and jumps up for a bronco buster.

Fortunately for her opponent, she rolls out of the way. Mickie goes crotch first into the bottom turnbuckle.

“Ooooooooooooohhhhh!” the crowd echoes in unison.

The younger blonde reenters the ring and grabs Mickie by her hair and pulls it, slamming Mickie head first into the mat.

She screeches out loud, “I’m that door Mickie! I’m that door that slams in you’re face! You need to go home grandma!”

Carmella rains some angry stomping on an awkwardly positioned Mrs. James.

Some more screeching, “Time for you to step aside BITCH!”

Carmella pulls Mickie away from the ropes a bit and walks towards her head. She lays down in front of the older woman’s head and wraps her legs around the head of Mickie. She then locks her head into the Code of Silence. She pulls back on the spine of Mickie. Mickie doesn’t tap immediately. She’s being stretched backward and reaching for the ropes. The long legs from Manhattan are tightly squeezing Mickie’s head, causing her face to turn slightly purple.

King: “Come on, tap, Mickie! Don’t hurt yourself out there!”

JR: “She doesn’t want to! I think she’ll take a pass out instead! The ref definitely needs to watch her closely in case she passes out!”

Mickie eyes are gazing over.

The ref is checking on her making sure to see whether she’s still conscious. 

Mickie thrusts herself forward just a little bit and looks to have passed out. But she throws her foot on the ropes.

The ref shoves Carmella off.

King: “Is that it?! Thank goodness!”

JR: “I don’t know?! I think Mickie put her foot on the ropes and the ref pushed Carmella off?”

King: “I thought Mickie passed out?!”

Carmella expects the ref to raise her hand since she was tackled off, “Carmella, Mickie put her foot on the bottom rope. She didn’t submit. This match is still going!”

Carmella looks annoyed with the ref’s decision.

The ref checks on Mickie as she wobbles to her feet.

Carmella is not going to give Mickie a break. If this match isn’t over; then I’m going to end this! She looks into the stands as the screens change. The Halloween icon, Michael Myers, takes over the audience screens in the stands.

From the stands, Michael Myers In a blonde wig rises.

She walks with the mask on towards the ring carrying a chair.

Carmella backs away from the intruder and exits the ring. “I’m not that eager to win!” She then proceeds to walk away from the ring and up the ramp. “You can have her!” She waves off the match. Carmella clearly wants no part of this.

The ref is still checking on Mickie. Mickie falls backward towards the turnbuckle. She’s startled by the masked figure in the ring.

The ref still hadn’t noticed the intruder. He turns around and Myers bashes the chair into the ref’s head. Mickie looks on in horror.

JR: “Enough is enough! We all know that’s Kelly under the damn mask!”

King: “What does she think she’s doing?!”

Myers throws the chair down in the center of the ring. She proceeds to grab Mickie by her head. She throws mickie to the chair on the floor so she’s on all fours.

Mickie is completely overwhelmed and frightened by her attacker.

Kelly runs the ropes and back towards Mickie. Kelly K-2s Mickie’s head onto the steel chair. Mickie’s face goes face-first into the steel chair.



Myers removes the mask to reveal it’s Kelly Kelly.

The crowd boos heavily. The loudest boos of the night.

JR: “I can’t believe the actions of Kelly right now!”

King: “I still can’t believe it’s Kelly Kelly!”

Kelly grabs the mic, “Am I still a coward!”

Kelly is not as cheery as she usually is as she makes her statement. It’s a beautifully crazed-look on her face.

Just as quick as Kelly picked up the mic, she drops it and exits the ring.

Full of glee she walks up the ramp. Proud of the work she’s done.

JR: “That was disgusting!”

King: “That was a message for the WWE Champion, Trish Stratus!”
JR: “I agree, King. Trish Stratus was written all over Mickie James!”


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