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Dolce is in the center of the ring. Her allies are by her side. Carrie Underwood, her first victim, stands in her corner.

Anna, Dolce’s second victim stands right next to Carrie, supporting their leader.

The atmosphere is most definitely different tonight than the usual.

Margot Robbie makes her way out.

Margot is rarely featured in a match but tonight, she was asked to come out by the gorgeous woman standing in the middle of the ring.

Margot doesn’t come out very often in front of the audience. Especially for a main event match. She’s the type of person who believes a reporter’s role is not to be featured; but to shine a light on events, and to interview people. The viewers should make up their own mind afterwards. This is very unusual for her to be featured in the main event. But tonight’s appearance was at the request of Dolce. A deal was made between her and Dolce earlier. Margot is going to fulfill her end of the bargain, no matter what. She’s a journalist with integrity. In her mind, tonight’s appearance is mandatory the moment she verbally agreed.

Trish Stratus, the WWE Champion, makes her way out.

Trish Stratus looks unusual in her entrance. Like she’s off her game. She’s still smeared with black lipstick from the night before. It causes one to wonder why she didn’t wipe that off her face yet? She makes her way to the ring.

JR: “Why hasn’t she washed that black lipstick off her face?”

King: “She looks like Kelly at Survivor Series JR. Unmotivated. She’s not even doing that ‘motivated walk’  she normally does.”

The cheers of the audience are still the same. They’re blowing the roof off the joint. But some in the audience are taking visual cues from Trish’s demeanor and realizing something is up. Trish already looks defeated as she walks to the ring, carrying the gold for perhaps, the last time. The audience’s ferocious reaction doesn’t seem to be giving her that boost she usually gets.

Margot Robbie looks grim as she watches Trish enter the ring for this match. Her stomach churns when it knows something bad is going to happen. Her tummy is churning.

Trish enters the ring as in ring introductions are done.

Ding Ding

Dolce looks Trish over like she’s a hungry fat kid staring at cake. Eager to get things started, Dolce uses her finger to request the champion come to her.

Without hesitate the champion, obliges.

The cheers from earlier have transitioned to boos as Trish gingerly approaches the challenger.

There was no way she was going to resist my charcoal lipstick. This is finally it! She’s mine! I can’t wait to make you mine! Oh, how I’ve always savored to finally have this moment. The best way my statement is going to be made is if I defeat her in the most humiliating fashion I can think of. “Lower your head my pet, I want to Statusfy you.” She coos.

Her pet, sticks her head out for Dolce to wrap her arm over the head and neck of Trish.

Dolce grasps the neck of Trish under her armpit and ‘pours more salt on the wound,’ she performs the signature finger pointing to a booing audience and members of the WWE universe. Members of the WWE Universe begin shutting off their screens in frustration. Dolce is delighted to see the screens go off as she performs Trish’s poses. The only people cheering Dolce on are Carrie and Anna.

Dolce uses Trish to clumsily pull off her opponent’s signature move that she’s never done before. She uses Trish for support as she bounces off the ropes with her feet to connect with Stratusfaction.

Suddenly, she unexpectedly feels her lower back being shoved strongly while in mid-air.

The roof of the stadium needs to be check after tonight because the roof of the stadium was nearly blown up. What’s left of the crowd has erupted via the screens.

Dolce lands on her ass in the middle of the ring, but Stratusfaction wasn’t connected. “Looks like Ariel’s magic was better than yours Dolce! You’re bullshit kiss didn’t’ work on me!” The champion emphatically states.

What!?!?!?! Does she have an immunity now just because she’s overcame Ariel’s control?!?!?!? Dolce is bewildered, in a state of panic. She already knows things don’t look good right now as the referee is shouting to get people out of the ring. Anna is in the ring on her back unconscious. Dolce looks up to see Trish connecting with a Chick Kick to the side of Carrie’s head.

Before Dolce could request for back-up they’ve already charged and have been taken down quite easily by the champion. She’s already made quick work of her minions. Trish would have been a damn good pet to have.

“Trish wait-!” Darcie pleads. Darcie has never had an actual combative match to this date. The most physical she’s gotten so far has been giving Kelly a K-2. She feels naked as she stands there in the ring; with the best wrestler in the world glaring at her.

JR: “Trish was playing possum this whole time!”

“Let me show you how this is done, Dolce!” Trish grabs Dolce by her neck and levels her with Stratusfaction.

A hook of the leg and moments later the match is over. Trish has just defeated Dolce to retain the WWE Championship.

The crowd lights up with hooting and hollering as the winner is declared.

Margot Robbie rushes into the ring carrying the WWE Championship. “Trish, I don’t know how you pulled this off. But thank you for bringing back the little girl in me! When an incredible performance!” She hands the championship over and they embrace in the center of the ring.

Thank you for reading. Happy Holidays!

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