This scene opens with a close up of an old school camera being burned. The camera is so close to it the wax from the candle can be seen being forming into a drip. The camera begins zooming out. The candle appears to be in a dark room as the camera continues zooming out. Right beside the camera is Ariel sitting in what looks like an evil but glorious chair.

Ariel is smiling her evil smile. “Did you miss me?” Ariel crosses her shining, waxed, legs, Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct style. Ariel bares her cleavage more grabbing her tits as she feels herself up making love to the camera with her sexual nature.

Ariel moans, “I think you did. But worry not for me. I’m not alone anymore. I have my girls to keep me company now.” This time when she smiles her fangs show. She takes a glass from the table next to her and sips on a drink that could be either a thick kool-aid or just plain and simply blood. After sipping her glass she puts it down and looks into the camera once more. “I think it’s time for me to return to take back whats mine. And since Hell is coming this Sunday, in a Cell of all places…” she smiles for the toy on words, but continues on, “I’ll bring my friends with me so you can meet them.” Ariel begins sipping her drink once more as the camera tilts to the side before shutting off.

JR and King are at the announce booth. JR: “Ladies and gentleman we are currently trying to get medical updates on Sasha Banks as soon as we receive them.”

King: “JR this place is going crazy!” 

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