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Margot is in the ring directing the signing.

Margot is excited to be in the ring with three of the biggest stars on the roster. The news hasn’t gotten to her of the heinous act Nikki just did. “Alright ladies as already discussed with your representatives you are all agreeing to step into Hell in a Cell this Sunday and after the bell rings you are not holding the WWE liable for anything that takes place until the finishing bell rings when the match is over. Anything that happens between when the beginning bell rings and until the final bell rings is strictly between the three of you and we are only filming to see what you ladies do to each other at the event. Whomever is able to get the first pinfall or submission victory will become the new WWE Champion. Please sign the contracts if you agree to the terms and if you like you can each state your piece. Good luck to each of you. Margot leaves the paperwork on the table with a red pen and hands the paperwork to Nikki.

Nikki defiantly grabs the mic from the table ignoring Margot, “Fuck your luck and fuck both of you! Kelly, at Hell in a Cell I’m going to break you once and for all. This should have been a match between me and Paige. Everyone wants to see who the more dominant woman is and you sneaked your way into this match like you always do. It’s not fair to me that I can loose this match because either you or Paige can pin each other. At Clash I destroyed you Kelly! At Hell in a Cell I’m going to finish the job and put you away for good…

And you Paige, the world has been waiting for someone to put you in your place. I’m the woman that will do that. I’m the woman that’s walking out of the Cell champion…” Nikki steps closer to Paige getting in her face, “I’m the woman that will main event any goddamn pay per view I want! Oh and enjoy your suspension Paige. Get fat… with Sasha.” Nikki gives Paige the L using her hand on her own forehead.

Nikki steps back and signs the paper. Not taking her eyes off Paige.

Kelly picks up the mic, irritated by Nikki ignoring her, “Listen up Nikki, you and I have been going back-and-forth these last few months. The cell is the perfect place for us to end this once and for all. I’m tired of waiting my turn too, but that all ends on Sunday. Like I said before I don’t bitch about it. I do something about it. I worked my way into the match besting one of the best athletes this business has last week. At Clash I kicked your ass too…

Paige, you’ve had a good run, but its time to pass the torch honey, its my turn this Sunday.” Kelly signs the paperwork, eyeing Nikki Bella.

JR: “There’s no love loss there king.”

Paige grabs the mic, “Look at the two of you, we have some middle-card contenders wanting to step in the ring with the Fuckin Best! Since it’s time to get you all in line the Cell is the perfect place to do it, and that goes for all you bitches in the back!” Paige points to the back visually acknowledging the ladies in the back. Paige signs the contract, “I have something to prove at the Cell ladies, since this is your first time entering this Sunday, I promise you this, one of us is not going to be able to walk out of that Cell. I’ve been in Cell matches before and each time you enter that evil structure a piece of you forever is taken from you in the Cell you promising young prospects, you. It’s kind of a shame really that your careers are going to have to be cut short. I just don’t know if it’ll be you Kelly or you Nikki. Oh, Nikki I’m not going anywhere.” as Paige takes another step towards Nikki. “There’s a reason why Sasha says you’ve got nothing but stupid strength… its because that’s all there is to you… you’re meant to just…”

Nikki blasts Paige with a stiff forearm knocking her down to the mat.

Margot fleas in terror not wanting to get hurt but taking the contract with her.

King: “Hurry Margot get out of there!”

Kelly rushes Nikki but Nikki spine-busters Kelly through the table. Paige is getting back up but she gets up-and-close with her title as Nikki smacks Paige in the face with it.

Nikki throws the title to the ground. She regains her composer and playfully dusts herself off. She ends the segment doing her booty dance in the ring over the fallen competitors.

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