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4 Raw Trish Stratus Announcement

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The familiar giggle echoes throughout the arena. Trish heads down the ramp with her head down. Trish isn’t her most confident self. Trish has the feeling of embarrassment as she heads down the ramp. The crowd still adores her. They cheer Trish on. There are many in the audience who are noticeably sitting in their chairs not reacting. It kills Trish to see some audience members sitting in their chairs not reacting to her presence. A bit narcissistic of Trish for her to feel this way but it’s true. Trish use to get them all on their feet in the past but now those audience members sitting down quietly seem to be making more noise in Trish’s head than her fans.

Trish enters the ring with a mic in hand.

Trish: “I’m sure you know why I’m out here.” Trish has a lot of emotion in her right now as she keeps looking down from embarrassment. Like earlier, the crowd continues cheering on the legendary Trish Stratus.

Trish: “A few weeks back I challenged Paige to a match at Summerslam and she whooped my ass all over that arena and she did it some more last week. I can’t fight the way I use to in this ring and I know that every performer has to hang up their boots one day.” A tear starts to emerge from Trish’s eye as she’s getting choked up as she delivers the lines.

Trish: “I think all of you have memories of what ‘old Trish’ can do in this ring and me coming back here wrestling again might be ruining those memories. Paige is the future of this business and she did what she does best and beat the hell out of me.” The crowd boos. “I use to be that girl, like Paige, kicking butt but now, I’m not. So, with that I want to thank you all for allowing this cowgirl the opportunity to get in this ring again and fight one more time. I’ve given my best and it’s time for me to…

Torrie Wilson’s theme music echoes throughout the arena as she makes her way out. She stops at the top of the tron.

Torrie: “Trish Stratus you are not planning on retiring on me, are you?” Torrie questions Trish. “You see I’ve been waiting a long time to get my hands on you…” Torrie catches herself, “well my ass has been waiting… and well it’s been waiting to get on your face. But anyways, you’re right it’s too bad you can’t look as good as me. I don’t age Trish.” Torrie smiles a sinister but beautiful smile to Trish.

Trish can be heard uttering from the stage off mic, “I’m done, Torrie.”

Torrie tries to silent Trish from where she is by only lifting one finger. “You’re not done Trish! After your last two performances you owe it to the people in the back and the people out here in the audience! You owe us because you promised everyone you were going to end Paige’s reign! You lied to them! Now I’m going to have to be the one to do it but anyways, you need to pay up for it. You need to give a rub to the future. Don’t just come back, take a title shot, and loose, and leave! Woman up! Fight me! Fight me so I can put you down properly. Torrie delivers that last line as she rubs her ass.

Trish looking towards the audience now. Those same people who were once sitting are now on their feet eager to see what she has to say. Trish has gotten the crowd’s energy under her skin now. Trish doesn’t want to disappoint the audience. The people are influencing her decision right now. Cheering Trish to take the match. Trish does feel she let the fans down and wants to make it up to the audience but she doesn’t want Torrie to win and worse yet, have to get stinkfaced by Torrie.  The way she saw Torrie move in this ring in her last match against Alexa even has Trish doubting whether she can hang in the ring with Torrie.

Trish: “Torrie, I have enough gas in the tank for you. At Clash of Champions I’m going for one more match and I’m going to kick your ASS!” The crowd cheers wildly for Trish as Trish starts to glow with excitement. She’s happy to do right for the fans.

Torrie is super excited at the ramp. “Trish you have no idea how excited I am to be the one who ends your career. I’m going to humble that beautiful face of yours Trish. You won’t be disappointed.” A big smile glowing across Torrie face. Torrie erotically rubs her ass one more time “…and I’m going to get this ready for you too.” As Torrie’s music plays to end the segment.

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