S2 3.5 Clash Over the Top Battle Royale

In ring introductions are done for this special upcoming match. All of the participants are in the ring. The winner of this match will be crowned the WWE Champion tomorrow night on RAW! The participants are, Bri Bella! The crowd boos. Alexa Bliss! The crowd cheers Bliss. Nikki Bella! The crowd resumes booing. Brandi Rhodes! […]

S2 3.4 Clash Lana Vs Lacey Von Erich w/ Beautiful People

Lana walks through the curtain to head down to the ring. Inside the ring Lacey stands there waiting. Madison, Velvet, and Angelina are standing outside of the ring like a pack of hyenas behind the main lion, Scar. Lana enters the ring with confidence and the match is underway. JR: Lana has got a point […]

S2 3.1 Clash Carrie Underwood Vs. Angela

We’re already in the ring as we see the combatants in the ring. Carrie looks worried about this encounter. Angela looks like a pit-bull as she never takes her eyes off Carrie. The bell rings and Carrie walks gingerly towards Angela with her hand extended. Carrie is wishful to get a handshake from Angela. Bewildered, […]

S2 1.5 Main Event RAW Brandi vs. Nikki Vs Torrie vs. Carrie

JR: Nicki is an angry powerhouse! She’s going to be a wrecking ball in this match!” King: Torrie is a Mania Main Eventer! She was undefeated until mania!” JR: Brandi is a rising star! She’s been on fire for quite some time now! King: “Carrie sucks!” The bell rings and the match is underway. Brandi […]

S2:1.4 RAW Lana & Alexa

Alexa Bliss is backstage with Lana. Lana is massaging Alexa. Alexa starts, “It’s ok Lana! Maybe you didn’t have your Mania moment. But there’s always next year!” A testy Lana fires back, “Lacey and The Beautiful People cheated at Mania! But we will get our revenge and crush.” Lana applies more pressure in her massage […]

2.3 RAW Underwood Goes Under the Bus

Carrie busts into Stephanie McMahons room in a panic. Ashley steps between Stephanie and the intruder as Carrie keeps talking incoherently. Stephanie doesn’t know what’s going on, she’s not use to a country singer busting through her door in a frenzy. Good thing Stephanie has Ashley around because Ashley keeps the chaos at bay. Stephanie […]

2.2 RAW Madison Rayne vs. Angela

JR: Raw is off to a hot start King! A returning Angela is in action tonight against Madison Rayne of the Beautiful People!! Angela makes her way out and marches to the ring. King: There’s a fire in her eyes JR! Angela still wants Carrie! JR: A short recap of their rivalry King, Carrie a […]

RAW 2.1 Stephanie Opens RAW

Raw opens to the lights being off. The arena is empty. The camera pans around and sees no one in the audience. It’s quite. The camera displays an arena that was once home to the raucous crowds and performers. The camera finally pans to the announce booth where Good’Old JR is sitting side by side […]

5 Clash of Champions Main Event Trish vs. Torrie Aftermath

Torrie rises up from the mat. She’s finally gotten Trish right where she wants her. Trish is down and out. Torrie gets up from the mat and walks around the ring. Waiving to the flashing cameras. Torrie toys with undoing her string bikini and playfully lets the bikini fall off of her body. Torrie is […]

5 Clash of Champions Main Event Prematch Trish Stratus Vs. Torrie Wilson

Trish is out first to a good ovation. Trish does her signature pointing to the crowd. There are more Torrie supporters in the audience than usual but most of the audience is on Trish’s side. Trish gets to the ring. The electricity of the crowd still gets her going. Their energy is a fuel to […]

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