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Torrie Wilson begins getting to her feet as she tends to her back. “Ashley I really don’t need this.” Torrie begins walking away, “Trish forfeited the stinkface… I’m done with this night…” Torrie limps away. “…I’ve already been humiliated enough.”

Ashley reaches her ‘bear claw-like’ hand upward and grasps the throat of exhausted woman. Normally Torrie is looking down at women but this time, she needs to look upward at a dominant woman. The larger woman holds Torrie carefully close to her while single-handedly holding Torrie’s throat in her hand. Ashley smirks menacingly at the beaten foe.

She begins stepping into Torrie’s personal space, leaning more and more into Torrie.
She barely speaks as she wraps her hands around the one choking hand of Ashley, “What are you doing?! What’s going on!!!!?”

Ashley forcefully backs up Torrie into the corner turnbuckle as she continues to choke her victim.

The usually confident blonde is now leaning against the corner. Worried now as this larger woman has her vertically pinned. Ashley’s soft stomach presses against Torrie’s sweaty abs. Torrie’s mind begins to wonder, “This is so uncomfortable. What the hell does she want? She’s hurting me!!!… why’s she in my face!?? OMG!”  

Ashley even has her melons pressed against Torrie’s big boobs as she gets close enough to Torrie’s ear, “Sit down Ms. Wilson! Sit down right now!” Ashley’s boobs just swallow Ms. Wilson’s boobs.

Torrie cries as she accommodates the larger woman’s request. Not wanting to engage the woman partly out of exhaustion and partly out of fear.

The audience is not used to seeing this normally confident woman be bullied into doing what she’s told.

Ashely suddenly releases her grasp of formerly undefeated woman. Torrie immediately does as she’s told and begins collapsing, as she continues to lower herself.  Her face smothered by Ashley as she gets breasts in her race when she drops down.

After passing Ashley’s breasts, her stomach presses against Torries’s face now. Her face gets smushed against a soft belly. Ashley never moved from her spot of pressing her body against Torrie. The blonde is in tears as Ashley’s belly presses against the bombshell’s face on her way downward to a seated position. Ashely purposely pushes her belly into the face of hall of famer.

Torrie gets some air as she passes the big belly.

Graham is pleasured by the fact that she’s getting her way with this beautiful phenomenon.

Torrie is now seated as she looks up at the scantily clad Ashley Graham.

Ashley pulls her underwear down to finally give her underwear some relief from carrying so much ass.

Ashley gets down to business and turns around so that her ass is facing Torrie.


Torrie makes a last-ditch effort to escape. But Ashley isn’t around to play games. Ashley levels the sexual deviant with massive ass. Torrie’s head snaps back hard against the turnbuckle immediately at the mercy of booty.

The crowd is shocked as they behold the sight before them.

Ashley’s bare ass has a hold of Torrie’s head as it begins to forcefully have its way with the bombshell. Torrie gasps for the little bit of air she can get that just happened to be trapped in Ashley’s butt. Torrie inhales oxygen before it becomes toxic.

Ashley blasts Torrie with a burrito-induced fart that eats the last bit of oxygen Torrie was hoping to inhale. Torrie’s lungs have fart gas in them as Ashley laughs in enjoyment of what she’s dishing out. Torrie loses consciousness as Ashley butthole just rests in an open mouth. The behemoth makes sure to wipe her butthole with Torrie’s face and smears it up and down the great Torrie Wilson’s face.

The fans in attendance begin exiting the arena as they’ve seen enough of this. Torrie wasn’t well-liked but this is getting to gross to watch.

“You pinned me BITCH in the Chamber! Trish didn’t want to do this so I’m fulfilling her stinkface. Let this be a lesson to anyone who ever pins me again!”

Ashley finally stands up and begins pounding her backside into Torrie’s stained face. Ashley beats up Torrie with her rear.

Ashley turns around to adjust Torrie one more time. “Those lips need to kiss my ass one more time Ms. Wilson.”

The Mania-challenger is positions in a way so that her lips are just ready to be kissed.

Ashley turns back around and opens her butt-cheeks so that her asshole can be kissed. Ashley plants it on Torrie’s lips as they kiss.

JR: “Turn this crap off it’s enough!”

Mania ends with Torrie shoved 5 inches deep in cheeks.

Trish Stratus watches from a monitor in the back. She’s shocked by how far Ashley took this.

Let me know what you think of how this first season ended.

Fav moments so I know for the future??

What you want to see next…

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      1. Probably the most brutal stinkface in history.

        For next time: Carrie trying to get revenge for not having her WrestleMania moment, but not sure who she would target. I would also like to see Brandi vs Trish. I like the idea of student vs master.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I like that idea. Both have been positioned strong.
        Trish has some threats on the horizon

        Believe it or not Trish was expected to go down at mania to Torrie. I had the ending written out.
        I started changing it because Torrie was losing the polls.
        Torrie was suppose to finally get her big moment that she’s wanted since the beginning. But hey, it is what it is.
        Torrie had her chance and she lost really big.


    1. It’ll happen. I am taking suggestions.
      But I want there to be a story behind it when she loses like that.

      Right now I’m kinda working on where I’d want the next chapter to go all the way to mania.

      U like seeing Trish get squashed?
      Anything u want to see from the other wrestling divas?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ok sweet, yes I do every once in a while. She’s hottest being squashed. Not right now, can’t wait to the next chapter starts

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Maybe someone squashes Angela and Robbie returns to save her then totally dismantled Angela after a double cross

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I liked it poor Torrie was undefeated coming in and ended with a big rear end in her face. Torrie I think will bounce back next time

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I hope someone shocks her in the next match. Perfect time for an upset coming off a huge victory, maybe Brooke Adams or Alexa Bliss or etc….

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ok sweet should she be a heel or a face, who are should hot jobber you want to see get squashed


      1. I thought it was a toss up based on the poll, figured Trish would win slightly and she did. Who will Trish face next

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ok sweet have 3 match up posted just waiting to see if anyone wants to comment what should happen in each of them

        Liked by 1 person

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