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4 Raw Paige Backstage

Paige is seen walking around backstage looking for Sasha. “Sasha where are you??!! Come out now so I can give you your arse whooping.” Paige stops in her tracks as she finds a familiar face she hasn’t seen in a while. It’s her opponent from Extreme Rules that she defeated in a casket match. An opponent that promised that if she lost that casket match at Extreme Rules than she would not get a title shot while Paige is champion.

“Well look who it is. I haven’t seen you around here in a while. Not since I kicked your arse at Extreme Rules!”

The vampire, Ariel, is shown sitting in a dark area of the building.

Ariel: “Don’t worry Paige. You’ll be seeing a lot of me soon.”

Paige remembering her stipulated match with Ariel, “The last time I beat you we agreed that you will never get a shot at my title while I’m champion. So piss off!”

Paige walks off continuing her search for Sasha.

Ariel looks on menacingly.

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    1. Yea that’s a match I never wrote but it happened before the Summerslam Ppv where Paige and trish fought.
      That was a casket match where if Ariel lost she wouldn’t get a shot at Paige title while she’s champion.

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