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A camera is once again lying on the floor. Three women approach the camera. All the camera can see is cowboy boots, sneakers, and high heels. One of the three women picks up the camera to reveal the three women lined up.

Carrie, Anna, and Dolce appear on camera. All three look hot.

Carrie speaks first to the camera. “Everyone wants to know who we think is going to win. I don’t get why people are asking about that match when we have a match that could end Angela’s career. Plus there’s the big IC Title match that Dolce is going to retain in. But whatever. We know who’s gonna win between Trish and Kelly. It’s going to be Kelly Kelly!”

Ana jumps in, “I disagree, I think Trish is going to win tonight. Kelly’s a coward and isn’t ready.”

Carrie is a bit surprised by Anna’s response. Usually Anna just agrees with whatever she says. Maybe she all of a sudden has an opinion now.

Dolce speaks to the camera, “You’re absolutely right! Kelly’s going to lose. Trish will win.”

Carrie looks awkwardly at Dolce, “Should I change my vote and say Trish is gonna win then?”

Carrie looks confused.

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