5 Clash of Champions WWE Champion Paige Vs Sasha Banks

Sasha is out first followed by the World Champ Paige. Paige jaws at Sasha as Ariande performs the ring introductions. Sasha teases Paige as she carries the belt she stole from Paige. Posing with it. Sasha says, “This is my title!” Sasha hands the title to the ref as he holds it up.

Sasha is bouncing in her corner relishing the tease she’s giving Paige. Paige is visually seen as angry and cursing out Sasha from her corner.

The bell rings to start this match up.
Sasha is not teasing anymore and has her game face on.

Paige dashes forward towards Sasha and fakes Sasha out. Sasha bounces backward. Paige is testing out Sasha’s game by checking out Sasha’ reflexes in that dash.
Sasha makes a dash towards Paige now to follow up on Paige. Paige lyfts her foot up and delivers a Yakuza kick to the side of the head of Sasha. Sasha goes down hard to the mat. Paige then circles to the fallen Sasha on the ground. “You’re not so tough now huh, Sasha!” Paige stomps on Sasha kicking her while she’s down.

Sasha shields her head to protect her head from the stomping. She finds an opening and trips up Paige. Sasha launches onto Paige and starts punching away at the head of Paige. Like Sasha, Paige begins shielding her head to protect her head from the onslaught.

Like a veteran, Paige rolls out of the ring. Paige uses this time to gather herself together. Sasha quickly exits the ring and gets into position so that Paige doesn’t see her coming. Sasha then runs on the apron and launches herself knees first onto Paige’s upper chest. Bringing Paige down to the ground. Sasha’s knees drilling holes in Paige’s lower shoulders area from the landing. Sasha plays to the crowd as they cheer her on. Paige is holding the affected area in pain.

Sasha grabs Paige and throws her into the ring (not wanting to see a count-out like the match before). Sasha gets on the apron and motions for Paige to get up.

Paige is stirring getting up wondering where Sasha is now. She gets up and faces the apron Sasha was just on. Sasha by this time has already launched off the ropes and delivers a drop kick to Paige knocking her down to the mat.

Sasha sets up Paige and locks her in a Boston Crab, a submission maneuver, as the crowd cheers on Sasha. Paige is yelling in pain as Sasha applies more and more pressure onto Paige. Paige is reaching for the ropes but she can’t reach it. Sasha is screaming too now as she applies the pressure on Paige. Paige puts her head under her arms and cries underneath in pain.

Paige stops crying and begins lifting herself up with her arms and Sasha on top of her. She crawls towards the ropes ignoring the pain she’s getting from the crab. She launches forward and grabs the bottom rope to break the hold.

The ref counts for Sasha to release the hold and Sasha obliges.

JR:. “Sasha has the champ reeling tonight!”

Sasha positions herself behind Paige as Paige uses the ropes to get to her feet.

King: “Sasha looks like she’s got a bank statement on her mind!”

Once Sasha is to her feet Sasha jumps on Paige’s back for the bank statement but Paige holds onto the top rope. Not allowing Sasha to bring her down. At this point, Sasha is hanging onto Paige’s back trying to bring her down for the bank statement. Paige reaches around to grab hold of Sasha’s head and positions Sasha chin over Paige’s head and falls down on her butt. Delivering a chin breaker knocking Sasha off her back. Sasha grips her chin in pain as Paige does the same. Except Paige is clutching the top of her head where Sasha’s chin hit.

Both women are down from the impact.

JR: “Smart move by Paige. She needed to cool Sasha off and did what she could to stop her in her track; even if it means getting to the point of self destruction.”

The ref begins counting as both women are down. He’s at 6 at this point.

Both women use the ropes to get to their feet.

JR: “We’re back at square one now.”

Sasha knows Paige hurt herself in the process of that chin breaker. Sasha dashes towards a sitting Paige in the corner and jumps in the air to connect her knees to Paige’s body. Paige then sidesteps Sasha as Sasha lands on the corner turnbuckle. Sasha is momentarily on the corner turnbuckle until Paige reaches around to Sasha’s hair and pulls on her hair so that she falls off the turnbuckle and the back of Sasha’s head bounces off the mat.

The ref gets in Paige’s face reprimanding her for pulling on Sasha’s hair. Paige backs off knowing she did wrong and gives the ref credit.

Sasha is back to all fours as she regroups in the corner.

Paige walks on over to Sasha and sets her up for a suplex. Paige lifts Sasha up in the air and connects with the suplex in the middle of the ring. Paige with a coy smile as she sits up from the suplex. Admiring her handy work. “I told you I’d make you tap. Maybe I’ll take a pinfall instead after all.”
Paige rests her shoulder blades on Sasha side and uses one arm to hook the leg. The ref makes the count. 1… Paige still all smiles as she’s on Sasha’s side. 2… Paige closes her eyes expecting to hear a 3.
Sasha reverses the pin-fall and hooks the arms of Paige with a crucifix pin!!!
1… the crowd counts along with the referee… 2… they get louder with each count! Paige surprised by this attempt from Sasha but kicks out at the last second. Sasha gets to her feet first, Paige follows suit. Sasha then grabs Paige in a headlock.

JR: “These two athletes are giving a show tonight!”

Sasha squeezes Paige’s head under her arm. She’s squeezing with all her might. Paige becomes disoriented and goes down to one knee. Encouraged, Sasha applies as much pressure as she can trying to squeeze Paige’s head like a pimple that’s gonna pop.
Paige, extends one arm outward, and out of nowhere connects with a Paige Turner from the headlock. Sasha is flat on her back.

JR: “Incredible!”

Paige sits there getting her head together from that brilliant maneuver. The crowd showering her with ‘boos’ as she doesn’t pay any attention to them. Paige doesn’t think she can get a submission win tonight but maybe she can rub it in a little on Sasha. She begins crawling to the fallen Sasha for the pinfall

Paige pins Sasha seductively. 1… the crowd rallies behind Sasha to get up 2…

JR: “Come on Sasha get up!”


JR: “Damn it!”

Paige wins this match as the ref gives her the belt and raises her hand in victory.

Paige exits the ring and heads up the ramp holding the title in the air. Sasha stirs in the ring and motions with her index and thumb that she was this close to defeating Paige.

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