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5 Clash of Champions Main Event Trish Stratus Vs. Torrie Wilson

Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson trash talk to each other when they meet at the center of the ramp. Their graphic with their hand gestures but Trish is the first to get physical and throws the first punch at Torrie Wilson. Trish continues throwing punches on Torrie as they make their way to the ring.

Trish grabs Torrie and bangs her head on the mat before throwing her in the ring. As Trish threw Torrie into the ring she could smell the rank on Torrie. But Trish is on a role and is gonna do what she needs to do to win this match, to end it on her note.

Once Trish is in the ring the ref backs Trish up to the corner. To calm her down so he can ring the bell. The ref runs to Torrie and checks on her to see if she’s ok and wants to know if she wants to continue. The ref puts his hands to his nose to cover Torrie’s smell. Torrie looks at the ref like he’s crazy. “NO! NO! NO! THE MATCH IS ON!” The ref gladly backs away and announces the bell and the match is on.

Trish runs to Torrie and Torrie rushes right onto Trish. Torrie launches off the ground into a leaping spear throwing her entire self at Trish cutting her in half.

Trish wretches on the ground as the dominant Torrie Wilson looks down while on her knees upon the damage inflicted. Almost like she’s posing for the cameras as more flash photography continues to flash snapping a portrait of Torrie looking down upon a troubled Trish.

Tears gushing from Trish eyes as she grabs her sides in pain.

Torrie gets up and pulls Trish upward too along with her. Torrie talks into Trish’s ear, “What do you say we get this party started huh Trish?” A look of fear strikes Trish’s face as Torrie looks down smiling on the smaller Trish.

Trish is looking up at the larger woman as this woman holds Trish’s head steady in her hands. Trish wants to fight but the pain from the spear is gut wrenching. Trish helplessly uses one hand to hold her mid section and the other hand to throw punches at Torrie’s side and Torrie’s just no selling it. All Trish can do is show her face to this woman in anguish. Trish feels Torrie’s eyes penetrating her. Consuming her through her eyes. Trish feels like her fate is in Torrie hands right now as Trish can’t seem to stop gripping her sides from the pain inflicted by the spear. She feels she’s in the ring with a younger woman with vigor. Torrie doesn’t look like she’s aged one year while Trish can be visibly shown looking years older than her taller vigorous opponent.

The look of fear in Trish’s eyes conjure so much emotion in Torrie. Torrie is relishing this moment she’s been waiting so long for. Torrie can’t control herself at this moment and just can’t help but want to taste what this moment feels like. Torrie animalistically grips Trish’s head in her hands and brings Trish closer to her face. The camera gets a close-up on Torrie’s face as she opens her mouth and brings it to Trish’s face. Torrie’s eyes flicker as Torrie places her tongue on the chin of Trish. As Torrie begins moving her tongue upward on Trish’s face. Torrie licks Trish’s bottom lip and then her top lip. Trish’s top lip bending upward too because of Torrie’s slow lick pushes Trish’s lip upward. Trish’s eyes are shut as Torrie continues her long tongue lick up Trish’s face. Torrie is taking the long way up Trish’s face as Torrie’s tongue touches upon the gap between Trish’s nose and top lip. She finally gets to Trish’s nose. Torrie’s eyes went from flickering to completely rolling to the back of her head. Relishing the taste of her former contemporary’s sweat.

Trish finally pushes Torrie off of her. Trish falls to the ground in anguish slightly folded over; going back to clutching her sides. Torrie then kicks Trish in the gut and levels her with an X-factor.

Trish bounces off the mat and now lays on her back. Torrie covers Trish seductively but positions herself so she can count along with the ref.

1… Torrie has one finger up in the air. 2… Torrie is now doing the piece sign in the air. 3… Torrie now holds three fingers in the air.

***aftermath is next***

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