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Footage can be seen of Stephanie McMahon sitting in her office. Per usual, Ashley Graham is with her, pacing around the office. Stephanie has a fixed gaze on the monitor. She looks incredibly stressed out for this match as she watches the monitor closely..

JR: “As expected, Stephanie will be watching this match very closely as there’s a lot at stake for her in this match. The following match up is a one-on-one encounter and no interferences are going to be tolerated per order of Linda McMahon. This is expected to be a straight up match with big ramifications going forward. If Paige loses this bout, she will of course lose the title as well be suspended. If Trish loses this bout, obviously she doesn’t gain the title, Paige will no longer have the suspension hanging over her head, Trish and Ariel may face repercussions from Stephanie, and of course, Stephanie will step into the ring with her bitter rival, Paige, at the Royal Rumble.”

Ariel makes her way out to her entrance music with Trish by her side. Trish crawls out on her hands and knees as Ariel leads Trish with her leash. They pause at the entrance ramp. The crowd boos thunderously. Ariel smiles. This is the usual reaction she receives when she brings Trish to each city on a leash on all fours. Trish gets up on her own and stands in front of Ariel and lifts her neck up, implying for Ariel to take off her leash.

Ariel reacts negatively to this, “What are you doing I didn’t tell you to stand up yet?!” Ariel slaps Trish across the face causing Trish’s face to swing to the side. Trish pauses momentarily. Her face returns to facing Ariel. Trish drops to one knee before Ariel and bows her head to her.

The booing gets louder somehow. Ariel can’t help but look around to the audience to see them as they’ve gotten louder with the boos. Security in the audience begins dragging some of the rowdier audience members away.

Ariel returns her attention to the bowing Trish. With one finger, Ariel reaches under Trish’s chin to tilt her head upward toward Ariel. Ariel looks in Trish’s eyes, “Go take out your anger on Paige and do what you’re supposed to do and win me my title!” Ariel then removes the collar from Trish’s neck.”

Trish rises and turns her back towards Ariel. Trish makes her way down the ramp. Trish is all business as she makes her way to the ring. Ariel heads to the back, leaving Trish alone.

The screen goes back to Stephanie who’s looking at the monitor from her office. She’s inaudibly asking Ashley “what the fuck are they doing?” Stephanie puts her head in her hands, in frustration. Covering her face with her hands.

We’re back in the arena as Paige’s signature screech hits. Her theme plays and Paige makes her way down the ramp marching down to the ring carrying her title on one hand. She trash talks Trish on her way down. She’s animated with her other hand, pointing at Trish as she talks trash. Paige is still seething from the surprise attack from Trish on Raw. Trish is responsive to Paige’s trash-talk and is talking trash right back to her. The referee is holding Trish back from exiting the ring. Trish wants Paige badly.

The crowd is more responsive to Paige. Her reactions from the crowd have been steadily improving and tonight has been her best reaction thus far from the crowd.

The referee is trying to prevent Trish from getting her hands on Paige; however, Trish is able to exit the ring anyway. Trish begins running towards Paige. Paige hasn’t completed her walk down the aisle yet. Paige sees Trish coming. Paige tosses the title to the ground and takes off her signature black leather jacket. Paige is ready to go to blows with Trish. They meet towards the center of the ramp…

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