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5 Clash of Champions Main Event Prematch Trish Stratus Vs. Torrie Wilson

Trish is out first to a good ovation. Trish does her signature pointing to the crowd. There are more Torrie supporters in the audience than usual but most of the audience is on Trish’s side.

Trish gets to the ring. The electricity of the crowd still gets her going. Their energy is a fuel to her. She really hopes to put Torrie Wilson away tonight. She really needs a win and if she can pull it off against one of her contemporaries it’ll justify agreeing to this match.

Torrie’s music plays throughout the arena. The crowd is on their feet to see what outfit she wears this time to the ring.

We’re now halfway through Torrie’s theme and still no sign of her. Trish looks to the tron confused.

Torrie’s music restarts and yet again still no sign of her.

Trish talks to the ref to see what’s going on and he doesn’t know either.

On the tron the camera shows its right behind the women’s locker room.

Torrie can be heard, “I’m in here come right in.” Torrie doesn’t sound like she’s hurt, in fact, she sounds nonchalant about calling the camera guy over. The camera guy enters the locker room and Torrie continues, “keep going I’m back here.”

The camera guy continues through the locker room and makes his way to where he heard Torrie yelling from. The women’s restroom?

“Keep coming I’m right in the last stall.” The camera guy enters the women’s restroom and heads to the only stall that has a person in it. He opens it to see Torrie sitting on the stall with her underwear down to her ankles.

Trish looks on at the tron, completely baffled by Torrie’s actions right now.

Torrie continues, “oh, am I running late? Well, as you can see I needed to use the restroom and look there’s no toilet paper here.” She motions to the empty roll. “Well since there’s no more and I’m running late I guess I won’t wipe.” Torrie flushes the toilet behind her.

JR: “omg king!”

Torrie gets up from sitting on the toilet putting her bikini bottoms on. She leaves the restroom without cleaning herself.

Torrie with a devilish grin, “Well Trish, here I come.” Torrie walks past the camera man and makes her way ahead.

Trish is in the ring noticeably angry complaining to the referee. “This isn’t what I agreed to ref what the hell is that?! I’m not fighting her like that!

Trish exits the ring.

Torrie’s music plays again and Torrie is out. That same devilish grin on her face as she eyes Trish Stratus. Trish is looking on at Torrie with anger on her face.

JR: “This is a sick display of mind games Torrie is playing here tonight. Trish should not have to compete in this match!”

Trish has ‘skipping this match’ on her mind and continues walking up the ramp to the exit.

Torrie comes out through the entrance ramp without music. She heads down the ramp. Torrie has ‘wrestling the great Trish Stratus’ in her mind and walks towards the ring as they approach each other at the center of the ramp.

JR: “Somethings gotta give!”

Torrie vs Trish is next….

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    1. Trish is dealing with a lot right now.
      Her age is catching up to her.
      Paige knocked her morale down.
      Torrie is on a mission to destroy her pride with the worst stinkface she can give.
      Ariel got in her head earlier.
      If trish can pull this off it would be a big boost to her confidence.


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