Margot enters the ring to interview Kelly. Kelly is dripping in sweat as she tries to catch her breath.

Margot begins, “Kelly you just did the unthinkable ! You’ve. Just won the Royal Rumble starting at number two ! How do you feel about facing…” Margot looks into Kelly’s eyes.

A sense of danger picks up for Margot. As if she shouldn’t be in the ring right now. She can’t quite put her finger on why she feels she should get out. But that sixth sense is telling her to get out. All night a camera has been following her around to catch if that Michael Myers character attacks her. Hopefully she can just get her quick interview with the winner and get out.

As Margot gazed into the eyes of winner she starts to feel like she recognizes the winner. She recognizes her by the eyes alone. She unprofessionally takes a step back and look over the winner, she’s a blonde too. It dawns on her.

She wonder whether she’s being paranoid because of the night or if those eyes were the same eyes she looked into on RAW. If that hair, is the same blonde hair that’s been haunting her all night. Is Kelly Michael Myers?






“…it’s you… isn’t it ?!” Almost questioningly when she knows damn well it’s probably her.

Kelly’s heavy breathing turns into a beautiful smile. “How did you know?…” Margot eyes are bulging out of her head. She takes a step back in fear. “… It’s me Margot! You got me!”

“…no it can’t be…” Margot struggles to get the words out of her mouth.

“You think I’m a coward, don’t you?! That’s what you and Trish called be before, right?!”

Margot is frozen in fear. Unable to move. Just looking at Kelly, “…it is you…”

Kelly looks deviant before she mentions, “I need you to give Trish a message!” Kelly kicks Margot in her stomach and runs the ropes and K-2s Trish’s big fan, Margot into the ring.

The crowd boos heavily.

Kelly looks around before picking up the mic “I’m ready Trish ! I want you at WrestleMania !”

JR: “I can’t believe it. Kelly is this coward! Why?! Why Kelly?!”

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      1. Let me see what I can write tonight.
        I’m just gonna pick up where I last left off because I had plans in my head that needed to be written and if they’re not told and I skip it; it’ll just not make sense.
        Can’t time jump to today lol.
        Thanks for the kind words.

        Can u send me a link to urs and sports musics stories
        Thanks for the kind words.


      2. Lol I get it. Really hope we finally see kelly become world champion it’s been a long time coming and yes I’ll send them to you. Can’t wait to read the rest of your stories


    1. Na 😦
      I really want to write but things are just busy at work.
      And the longer I’m away the longer ppl forget the character’s stories.

      It’s the worst time for things to go on hold since this was the road to mania.

      But yea my bad for this hold. I really don’t want to crank out half-assed stories. Lol. There’s always been some thought out into them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Actually I’m curious to hear ur thoughts.

        I want my Ppvs to coincide with current ppvs.

        Do you think it’s better to continue the stories where they left off?
        Or do you think they should start after what happened at mania?
        I already knew how they were gonna all end lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I would say start off after what happened at mania so you are caught up and can continue. So my question is since we probably won’t find out does kelly win the title at mania?

        Liked by 2 people

      3. I wouldn’t reveal until after.

        But now that I think about it. There were no mania matches announced.
        The only thing confirmed was that Kelly’s going to mania for the title.
        But I never revealed who the champion will be at the time.

        Plus no matches were revealed.

        When things loosen up at work I gotta figure out what should be done

        Thanks for ur opinion though. For all I know I might end up just skipping to what’s current.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. You have no idea how bummed I am that I haven’t been able to write it yet.
      I had things prepared for EC and Mania. But it’s going to have to be postponed. I don’t know when I’ll write again. I’m behind on it.

      I’m trying to get a promotion at work and it’s taking up all my time really.


      1. Damn that sucks well hope you get it and hope Kelly finally becomes world champion lol


    1. Not sure when I’m gonna be able to. It sucks cuz I had things planned out.

      It might have to play out at a different Ppv than mania :/
      Somethings were suppose to go down at EC but I missed that one lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol I just miss your matches, the stories are cool but in ring is my favorite. When do you think you will post next

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I love the stories part of it lol.

        Not sure when. I’m hoping to get promoted at work soon so there’s some variability on when I can start again. I’m hoping to get back on it as soon as things settle at work

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Golpher? Ok sweet I’m going back to more of a wrestling show with storyline s any story line you want to see, like teacher vs student, ugly duckling vs the golden princess, kidnapping,

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Last question who should fight for which championship to start with, world, intercontinental, hardcore, beach babe, and tag team

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I thought it was obvious it was gonna be kelly legend I was writing it lol.

      Lana lost her spot to Lacey. She’s not dealing with Trish anymore.

      If Trish holds the title until mania. It’s Kelly vs Trish.

      Liked by 1 person

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