S2 3.6 Clash Are Kelly and Torrie Alike?

Kelly is on her way through Gorilla Position. Margot is lucky enough to get a hold of Kelly before her match.Margot: KELLY! KELLY! Can I get just a moment of your time! We haven’t heard from you! Kelly turns around to see Margot, “Hi Margot, what’s up? Margot: “Like usual your as beautiful as ever […]

WrestleMania Intercontinental Championship Match III Kelly Kelly Vs. Nikki Bella Last Woman Standing Match

Nikki Bella and Kelly Kelly are in the ring. Ring announcements are done. “The winner of this match will be crowned the first ever Intercontinental Champion!” Ariande makes in ring introductions. Kelly is drinking a bottle of water as she’s in the ring. She’s still recovering from last night’s Mania bout. “The two challengers are […]

WrestleMania: Intercontinental Championship Match Bellas Vs. Kelly 2/3 Falls

Kelly Kelly makes her way out to a great reaction from the live audience. JR: “Ladies and Gentleman, we are sold out tonight! We weren’t sure if there will be a crowd tonight but tonight the crowd came in droves and they’ll be treated to the mega match-up between Kelly Kelly and a member of […]

Tale of the Tape: Bellas, Kelly Kelly

KELLY AND NIKKI ROLL THROUGH THE COMPETITION Raw 1.4 Kelly Kelly Vs. Carrie Underwood https://followingwwfwrestlingstories.sport.blog/2019/07/06/raw-1-4-kelly-kelly-vs-carrie-underwood/ Raw 1.2 – Bayleigh Vs. Nikki https://followingwwfwrestlingstories.sport.blog/2019/07/06/raw-1-2-bayleigh-vs-nikki/ Raw 2.2 – Kelly Kelly Vs. Bayleigh https://followingwwfwrestlingstories.sport.blog/2019/07/09/raw-2-2-kelly-kelly-vs-bayleigh/ Raw 2.4 Carrie Underwood Vs. Nikki Bella https://followingwwfwrestlingstories.sport.blog/2019/07/11/raw-2-4-carrie-underwood-vs-nikki-bella/ COMPETITION GETS FIERCE SummerSlam 3.1 Earlier in the Evening https://followingwwfwrestlingstories.sport.blog/2019/07/17/summerslam-3-1-earlier-in-the-evening/ 3.5 SummerSLam Backstage with Kelly & Margot […]

18 RAW Kelly Kelly Issues Mania Challenge

Kelly is in the gym in the middle of a workout when Margot is standing right by her. Margot: “Kelly we’re on!” Kelly is doing pull-ups when she hears her name requested. The camera gets a shot of Kelly’s back muscles as she releases the pull up bar and heads to Margot. Kelly drops down […]

Royal Rumble Part II

Current Rumble Participants still in the ring: 1.) Ashley, 2.) Carrie, 7.) Anna, 9.) Candice, 10.) Madison Carrie, Candice, and Madison are trying to work together against Ashley. The three are punching away at Ashley. Ashley is brawling back. Ashley seems to be getting the advantage. 11.) Kelly makes her way out to a standing […]

TLC: Tables Match Bri Vs. Kelly Kelly

Ended up scrapping the Kelly Interview. Didn’t think it would work. Kelly Vs. Bri Bella Bri is in the ring. Kelly makes her way out. The crowd cheers wildly. She’s become the top baby face in the business right now. Kelly marches down the ramp looking to kick-ass. Kelly enters the ring. The referee signals […]

13 RAW Bri vs Angela

Bri makes her way down to the ring. She has a mic in hand. “Go ahead and begin your count ref. I doubt Angela is coming.” Bri states dismissively. JR: “Robbie left with Angela in the ambulance Bri is going to be taking home an easy win tonight” “…8 …9 …10!” Ding ding! “Well that […]

12 RAW Brandi Rhodes vs. Angela

****Black Friday Edition: All Stories this Week Released*** Angela and Brandi are in the ring. Angela is actually shaking. She’s aware of how crazy Brandi was last night. Brandi is eyeing her like she’s ready to take some aggression out. The crowd begins to rally behind Brandi as the arena begins filling with “BRANDI!” chants. […]

Survivor Series 2nd Half: WWE World Champion Paige Vs. Kelly Kelly

Both women are down on the floor as the ref continues his count, “3…. 4…. 5… 6… 7… Kelly is stirring on the outside. She knows she can’t win the title if she doesn’t get back in the ring and break the count. 8… Paige is still down in recovery mode. She’d gladly take the […]

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