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Participants still here:

Brandi Rhodes (1)

Kelly Kelly (2)

Carrie Underwood (3)

Mickie James (14)

Scarlett Bordeux (16)

Anna Katharina (17)

Sasha Banks (18)

Angela (19)

Alexa Bliss (20)

Alexa Bliss is the freshest entrant in the match. She heads over and drop kicks Sasha Banks into the corner turnbuckle.

Kelly is sizing up a woman on all fours. She runs up and connects a K-2 to the head of Angela.
King: “Angela can’t seem to catch a break here!”

Kelly looks exhausted as she gets to her feet. The effects of the match are taking it’s toll.

21. Velvet Sky

JR: “Velvet making her way into the match with a rather good number at number 21!”

Velvet enters the ring and attacks Kelly upon entry. She tackles her and starts swinging wildly at her. “The BP are gonna make a name for themselves on you!” Velvet screeches.

Meanwhile, Alexa Bliss has Carrie Underwood in the top turnbuckle.

JR: “What the hell is Alexa thinking! The both of them are in very uncertain territory!”

Alexa Bliss lifts up Carrie and delivers a big Superplex off the top rope, collapsing onto a multitude of superstars below.”

King: “Oh the humanity!”

22. Angelina Love

JR: “What a lucky break! Velvet and Angelina Love are together in this match. Maybe they can work together?”

Love joins Velvet in attacking Kelly they both grab her, “Let’s toss her over, Sky!” Love gives marching orders to Velvet.

Brandi Rhodes with a Discuss clothesline knocking Velvet down. The freshest entrant, Angelina, grabs Brandi, “Maybe we should have tossed your ass out first instead!”

Angelina lifts up Brandi Rhodes over her shoulders. She begins a run towards the ropes, but Kelly reached out and grabbed Angelina’s boot, causing her to trip with Brandi Rhodes on top of her.

The two of them collapse but Brandi lands on her feet.

Brandi grabs Angelina by the back of the head and guides her up and over the top rope.

Brandi Rhodes (1) Eliminates Angelina Love (22)

JR: “A little bit of teamwork from such a rocky relationship. Kelly and Brandi are like water and oil.

23. Toni Storm

Toni charges to the ring.

King: “The ring is starting to get packed with talent. We need some Eliminations!”

Toni enters the ring and charges towards Alexa Bliss. A football tackle to Alexa knocking her down.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the ring, Sasha has Anna Katharina reeling on the ropes. She’s trying to get her over the top rope. Anna Katharina eye rakes Sasha’s eyes. Sasha is stunned momentarily but kicks Anna randomly, knocking her over the top rope.

Sasha Banks (18) Eliminates Anna Katharina (17)

Scarlett again has Mickie James in the corner suffocating her with breasts. She starts beating her head. Mickie’s unable to hold on. Scarlett backs off then charges and clothesline’s Mickie over the top rope.

Scarlett (16) Eliminates Mickie James (14)

JR: “You happy, King? There’s your rapid eliminations!”

24. Dana Brooke

She enters the ring. Dana rushes Brandi Rhodes and suplexes her. Dana then catches Carrie Underwood and suplexes her too. Dana grabs Angela and suplexes her across the ring.

Toni Storm comes up behind Dana and uses Dana’s momentum to toss her over the top rope.

Toni Storm (23) Eliminates Dana Brooke (24)

Kelly has Velvet sitting on the top rope. Kelly rushes and knocks her over the apron.

Kelly (2) Eliminates Velvet Sky (21)

Brandi Rhodes grabs Kelly and delivers Stratusfaction, taking her out.

25. Anna Nystrom

JR: “This can be some back-up for Carrie Underwood!”

Anna enters the ring and bashes the back of Brandi Rhodes, knocking her down. She grabs Sasha and gives her a Bailey-to-belly suplex.

She sneaks up behind Angela and gives her an ugly neck-breaker, causing Angela to hold her head in pain. Finally, Anna Nystrom approaches Carrie. She helps her to her feet and they hug in the center of the ring.

King: “What a beautiful moment, JR!”

26. Dolce

JR: “Things just took a turn for the worst!”

King: “We’ve got a trio in the damn ring!”

Dolce walks slow to the ring. Carrie and Anna are giddy in the ring as their leader approaches. The duo grab Angela by her hair dragging the beaten body of Angela to her feet.

Angela looks exhausted from the match.

Toni storm sneaks up behind Carrie and gives her a Back-Stabber, cracking the back of Carrie.

Anna releases Angela and attacks Toni. She grabs her in a headlock and takes her down forcefully. In her headlock take down she maneuvers her boobs over the face of Toni to suffocate her more.

Dolce finally enters the ring and approaches Anna and Toni. Anna holds up Toni for Dolce.

Dolce sexily climbs onto Tonie and plants a big wet kiss on her lips, shoving her tongue down her mouth. Toni is trying to fight but she goes limp. Dolce holds the nose of Toni as she plants her kiss.

JR: “Toni can’t breath right now!”

The moment Toni phases out is when her eyes glaze over to the back of her head. Dolce just sucked up Toni’s energy.

Dolce separates her lips from Toni’s mouth and uses her index finger to wipe her lips. She signals to Anna Nystrom what she wants her to do next.

Anna nods and lifts up Toni Storm over her shoulders. She then throw her easily over the top rope.

Anna Nystrom (25) eliminates Toni Storm (23)

27. Torrie Wilson

JR: “I thought Torrie wasn’t medically cleared to compete tonight??!!!”
Torrie walks with her lollipop in her mouth skipping to the ring.

King: “We’ll I’m not complaining seeing Torrie out here!”

JR: “That’s not the point!”

Torrie enters the ring as the trio of Dolce, Anna, and a Carrie stand opposite her.

Torrie grabs her lollipop and turns her back on the trio. She fast approaches Alexa bliss and shoves the lollipop in her mouth and holds Alexa’s mouth tight. She position’s Alexa’s arms so that she has her in the Cobra Clutch.

She’s full of glee as she punishes her rival. “You think you can put me through a table and get away with what you did to me! You BITCH! Lana’s my friend! You hear me! She’s my friend!”

Torrie is applying a great deal of pressure on the neck of Alexa. She’s fading fast.

Before she fades, Torrie releases the hold and backs up off of her. She grabs her by the hair and throws her over the top rope.

Torrie Wilson (27) eliminates Alexa Bliss (20)

Alexa lays on the outside unconscious. Torrie’s wet lollipop still in her mouth as she lays out there motionless.

28. Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella opens with her familiar booty dance at the top of the stage. She enters the ring as the battle lines in the ring form. In one side Dolce, Anna, Carrie and Torrie stand on one side. Brandi Rhodes, Sasha Banks, and Scarlett stand on one side. Kelly stands in front of Brandi to lead one side.

Nikki enters the ring smiles as she sees the battle lines drawn. A wicked smile. Nikki sides right behind Darcie, giving Dolce and company a one woman advantage.

Nikki is first to strike. She grabs Dolce stuffs her between her legs. She proceeds to lift up Dolce and jackknife power bombs her into the ring.

Brandi Rhodes goes after Torrie Wilson. Torrie Wilson spine busters Brandi Rhodes into the ring.

Kelly attacks Anna Nystrom. Anna uppercuts Kelly knocking her down.

Scarlett drop kicks Nikki Bella.

Sasha viciously kicks Carrie Underwood.

29. Bri Bella

Bri makes a run to the ring.

Torrie and Anna grab Sasha by her hair and begin double teaming her.

They lift her up and they double powerbomb her into the ring. The duo continue to work together and toss Sasha over the top.

Torrie (27) & Anna (25) Eliminate Sasha Banks (18)

Bri enters the ring and gives Torrie a bulldog.

Bri turns around and is clothesline out of the ring by Scarlett.

Scarlet (16) eliminates Bri Bella (29)

The crowd is stunned by the quick elimination.

Anna and Carrie both double suplex Scarlett.

They look around the ring to see that all the women are down. They look at one another before Carrie mutters to Anna. Angela has gotta go. Let’s eliminate her next.

Anna eagerly nods in agreement. Duh, let’s take her out! I forgot shes still here.

Angela is on all fours as she struggles to get to her feet. Anna grabs her chin, as Carrie teases a tired Angela. Carrie scowls, “You’re done Angela! You can’t beat me! I always win!”

30. Robbie

Anna and Carrie turn around and are completely astounded to see number 30.

JR : “Robbie making a surprise appearance at number 30 !”

King : “Anyone can show up in the rumble !”

Robbie points her finger towards the ring. You owe me Carrie !”

Robbie runs into the ring and Carrie jumps over the top rope eliminating herself.

Carrie Underwood (3) Eliminates herself

JR : “Carrie would rather stay out of Robbie’s way than win this Rumble !”

King : “I can’t believe she eliminated herself !”

Anna’s mouth is on the floor and is stunned at the elimination.

Robbie grabs Anna by the back of the head and tosses her over the top rope.

The crowd is on their feet.

Dolce is getting to her feet. Angela dashes towards her and Claymore kicks Dolce out of the ring.

Angela (19) Eliminates Dolce (26)

Angela and Robbie have a stare down. Before they embrace each other.

JR : “This is it ! Brandi (1), Kelly (2), Scarlett Bordeux (16), Angela (19), Torrie Wilson (27), Nikki Bella (28), and Robbie (30) ! One of them is going to WrestleMania !

King : “It’s the final six !”

Nikki Bella bashes the embrace while it lasts, between Robbie and Angela.

JR : “Nikki has tortured Angela for months !”

Nikki picks up Robbie by her hair and sets her up for a rack attack. She runs ropes and tosses Robbie over the top rope.

Nikki (28) Eliminates Robbie (30)

The crowd boos heavily.

Angela sneaks up behind Nikki and eliminates her from behind to a big ovation.

Angela (19) Eliminates Nikki (28)

Nikki is stunned as she blows up on the outside. She kicks the stares in frustration.

JR: “Angela finally gets some retribution against Nikki Bella!”

Angela gets a pop.

ANGELA ! Angela ! ANGELA !

King : “Final Four !”

Kelly and Brandi are breathing heavily to be lasting this long. They’re both barely able to stand. They’ve lasted over an hour in this match.

This is quite a feat both women have achieved.

Angela rushes Brandi and begins leveling her with left and rights.

Scarlett pounces on Kelly and begins stomping a mud hole in her.

Angela picks up Brandi and goes to clothesline her over the top. Brandi ducks it and chick kicks Angela in her head. Angela tumbles backward and tips over the top rope landing onto the outside.

Brandi Rhodes (1) eliminates Angela (19)

JR : “Brandi Rhodes has eliminated an impressive five superstars! She’s eliminated Naomi, Beth Phoenix, Candice Michelle, Angelina Love, and Angela. superstars so far ! This is a career making performance !”

Scarlett has Kelly in a bear hug. Squeezing the life out of her.

Brandi knocks Scarlett down, saving Kelly.

Scarlett quickly turns around and grabs Brandi by her throat. She lifts her up and chockslams Brandi into the mat.

Kelly grabs Scarlett from behind and tosses her over the top.

Kelly (1) eliminates Scarlett (16)

King : “Kelly has impressed tonight too ! She’s eliminated Three so far! Charlotte, Velvet Sky, and Scarlett !”

JR : “The final two are the people who started this match. They’re dripping in sweat, running on an empty tank.

Kelly sees red. Brandi is on all fours, recovering from the chockeslam she suffered while aiding Kelly.

Kelly doesn’t hesitate and K-2s Brandi face first into the ring.

Brandi is down !”

Kelly grins in excitement as the crowd begins to cheer Brandi on. Kelly picks up Brandi by her hair and proceeds to toss her over the rope rope.

Brandi turns it around and reverses it and attempts to toss Kelly Kelly reverses it last second and tosses Brandi over the top rope.

Kelly (2) Eliminates Brandi (1)

King : “Kelly has done it ! She’s finally going to WrestleMania !”

Brandi sits on the outside, dejected. As Kelly celebrates in the ring. Fireworks go off in celebration for Kelly as Brandi makes the slow walk up the ramp.

JR. : “History was made tonight! Kelly is going for the big one!”

Up next : Royal Rumble Aftermath

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  1. Great rumble. It was hard to figure who was going to win this rumble. A lot of great talent. Kelly with a great win especially coming in at number 2 and she is finally going to the main event of wrestlemania

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad it was unpredictable.
      The whole time I’m writing I thought this was too obvious who’s gonna win lol.
      But I’m glad to hear it wasn’t. What was ur favorite segment from the night? Part 1-3 or Trish match


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