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SummerSlam 3.3 Unsanctioned Match: Torrie Wilson Vs Alexa Bliss

This match is officially underway.

Alexa charged towards Torrie Wilson.

Torrie Wilson quickly exits the ring to get out of harms way. Torrie knows that what Alexa said was true she does know that her in ring skills were never the best. The only reason she’s here though, and it’s something that’s she’s always done throughout her career even before she retired, was that she never gives up.

Alexa exits the ring through the middle rope as Torrie runs away from Alexa towards the steal steps. Alexa runs on the apron and lifts off into the air. She doesn’t have a move in mind she just wants to get a hold of Torrie.

Alexa lands on top of the running Torrie and they both fall to the ground. The crowd cheers Alexa on as Alexa is not done yet. After they’ve tumbled to the ground Alexa let’s loose. She begins hammering away at Torrie Wilson from the back of her head. Torrie is trying to cover herself with her hands. Alexa is done throwing fists at Torrie and gets off of her. She starts stomping Torrie from her back aggressively.

The ref looks on unable to interfere as this is unsanctioned. He’s only here to make a cover.

Alexa picks up Torrie Wilson and slams her head onto the apron. The crowd loves it. They started getting an Alexa chant going.

The first time Torrie’s head bounced off the apron Torrie dashed away from Alexa trying to get some separation between herself and Alexa. Alexa is not gonna have any of it though as she walks right after the taller figure.

Torrie rolls into the ring and gets to her feet. Alexa follows suit. Torrie finally gets some offense in and begins stomping Alexa as she enters the ring. Torrie runs to the opposite end of the ring to get some momentum going and Alexa is now to her feet. Torrie jumps into the air for a flying closeline. It’s one of those botchy closelines but it works.

Alexa goes down from the closeline. Torrie has a big smile on her face. She’s happy she got some offense in on Alexa.

(Ross: Torrie hasn’t missed a step folks she’s moving around the ring with no ring rust. It’s quite shocking how she’s been able to look and work the way she does now this late in the game. It truly looks like Torrie hasn’t changed at all.)

Alexa is already to her feet. Torrie grabs Alexa by the back of her head and quickly runs with her towards one of the corners and bounces Alexa’s head off of the turnbuckle. She does this three times to rattle Alexa. She leans Alexa against the turnbuckle Alexa’s back against the turnbuckle.

Torrie mounts the second rope and begins hammering away onto Alexa with right hands. Torrie slows down and grins to the audience. Enjoying the momentum she’s building. She wants to do her sexual dance on the turnbuckle above Alexa. She lifts her hands into her hair and slowly begins moving her body in a erotic manner.

Alexa lowers herself just a little bit, just enough. She hooks Torrie’s legs onto her shoulders rises back up feeling the weight of Torrie now on her shoulders. “Good god this bitch wasn’t kidding when she said she hasn’t showered. Alexa is getting that full toxic aroma of a woman who simply hasn’t showered.” Alexa’s gonna put up with it because she’s gonna give it right back to Torrie after this match. That’s her motivation.

Torrie is spooked. She grabs Alexa head. The only thing she can reach for.

Alexa runs forward her head is between Torrie’s thighs face against her cuch and delivers the first big move of the match and slams Torrie hard onto the mat. A running power bomb that echoes throughout the arena.

Alexa is young. She jumps on top of Torrie Wilson for a cover hooking the leg. No way this old grandma is kicking out of this.

Ref makes the count 1…. 2…. Torrie with the shoulder up.

Alexa is in a seated position. She’s gotta admit she surprised Torrie kicked out.

No matter, Alexa rolls out of the ring and looks under the ring for a chair. She finds a black steel cold chair. She slides it into the ring. The crowd cheers her on. Torrie grabs the chair away as Alexa enters the ring. Torrie swings the chair at Alexa and misses wildly. Alexa ducked it.

Torrie turns around with chair in hand and Alexa drop kicks Torrie Wilson only, not the chair, as at this point she was holding the chair with one hand to her side. Torrie stumbles backward against the turnbuckle again.

Alexa charges towards Torrie and delivers a running drop kick to Torrie. Torrie had lifted up the chair this time to protect herself but it made things worse. The chair bangs against her body. The unforgiving steel slamming against her body. Torrie folds over but still holding onto the chair. Coughing from the damage taken. Alexa is right back up like a pitbull eager to deliver some more hurt.

Alexa wants to do another drop kick to Torrie. She wants Torrie this time to fall on her ass from this collision. Alexa runs to the opposite turnbuckle. She stops. At the opposite end. Baffled by the footsteps she heard following her????

Alexa turns around.

Torrie Wilson is right behind her steel chair in hand and shoves the top of the chair into Alexa’s ribs. The impact causes Alexa to jump off the ground momentarily.

Alexa doubles over Torrie quickly drops the chair to the mat and Torrie wraps her arm around Alexa’s neck. Slaps the top of Alexa’s back with the other hand and delivers a devastating ddt to Alexa onto the chair. Both women are down on their back. Sweat dripping off their bodies. Both of them are down just breathing heavily on the floor.

(Ross: King, I think Torrie has gotten better in the ring. I can’t believe she’s keeping up with Alexa in this match. If she loses this match a statement was made.)

(Lawler: yup, Alexa’s also gonna make a statement too if she wins. A stinky one lol.)

(Ross: Stay focused king.)

Torrie finally rolls over onto the fallen Alexa and makes her first cover of the night using just her arm.

1!… Torrie is hoping this one is over it’s gotta be. 2!… Torrie begins imagining in her head the upcoming 3! But she’s suddenly snaps back to reality as Alexa has forcefully thrown her shoulder above the mat to escape the three count. Crowd erupts as they thought this was over.

Alexa is dizzy from the ddt. She clutches her head. She thinks to herself I gotta be like this bitch when I get older she’s tough. Alexa is on her belly recovering from the ddt she suffered.

Torrie is on her belly too looking to the crowd. She’s mad this isn’t over she thought she had it. Torrie has been showing off to the world what she can still do. She’s gonna rub it in some more. She’s a natural show off. She begins doing push-ups in the ring bouncing her boobs off the mat. The crowd boos her.

(Ross: such disrespect from the veteran.)

Torrie gets to her feet grabbing Alexa by the hair to rise with her. Torrie positions the chair in the middle of the ring.

Torrie wants to put this one away with an X-factor in the middle of the ring. Torrie has her girl in the middle of the ring now. Torrie has both her hands wrapped around Alexa’s head. She jumps in mid air legs spread wide open. Cameras flashing away on the two women. Torrie is pushing down on Alexa’s head for the xfactor. Alexa tries to shield herself from this maneuver the best she can. And uses as much of her right shoulder as she can to protect her head from the steel chair.

Xfactor connects. It’s 50/50 the amount of damage shared between her head and shoulder from that xfactor. The crowd is shocked and hoping Alexa can get out of this predicament. But they don’t know how she can. Torrie flips the lifeless Alexa onto her back and hooks the leg. 1! Torrie wet from sweat her ass glistens from the bright lights being shined down upon her from the overheads. 2! Torrie is imagining that big 3! that’s about to come and this time. This time it does come to fruition. 3!

Torrie rolls off of Alexa laying on the ground. She went to battle tonight. She’s the victor. The ref raises her hand from the ground as she lays their trying to get some oxygen into her body.

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  1. Torrie proved she was the better woman and sexier woman all at the same time. Torrie did away with mini Trish Stratus now will she try to do the same to the real Trish Stratus. Great match though battle Alexa did great but wasn’t meant to be.


    1. Tough loss for Alexa.
      It was a battle that kinda went all over the place. Torries performing strongly. She’s bound to collide with Trish.
      When it does happen any idea who comes out on top?

      Liked by 1 person

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