Raw 2.1 A Moment of Bliss w/ Special Guest Trish Stratus

Raw opens with Alexa Bliss in the ring. “So everyone I’d like to introduce my guest at this time for A Moment of Bliss, someone who’s been very hard to get a hold of by the way, the great Trish Stratus!” The crowd reacts loudly but Torrie Wilson’s music plays. Alexa Bliss has the WTF look on her face. Torrie Wilson comes out in a two-piece swimsuit. It’s red the color and she comes out looking so youthful. Like she never left. Alexa’s jaw drops as she can’t believe how good Torrie looks. The crowd can’t believe it either. Torrie walks to the ring with full confidence knowing all eyes are on her. She has her signature lollipop in her mouth. Torrie gets to the ring and the whistles can be heard from the guys in the crowd.
Alexa: “I didn’t invite you on the show but you look amazing! You haven’t aged???”

Torrie: “I know. I’m out here because since Trish returned, I should be able to return too. And besides I look better than her.” as she models for the crowd.

Alexa admires Torrie’s body. Alexa wonder’s how Torrie looks so good. Alexa is checking out one of her idols in the ring. Alexa starts thinking of how she’s gotta get Torrie’s fountain of youth body.

Torrie: Torrie snaps her fingers in front of Alexa as Torrie looks at Alexa giving her the, (Hey! Pay attention! face). Alexa stops admiring Torrie’s body and snaps back to what Torrie is saying. Torrie continues…  “anyways as I was saying, you know everyone made a big deal of her return last week and I don’t feel I get the same love from people. I wasn’t invited on a Moment of Bliss. I wasn’t given a title shot. Look at me I should be getting all the love.” The crowd cheers her on as they’re mesmerized by how good she looks. “You should all be worshipping this incredible ass! Everyone should be kissing my ass. It ain’t easy looking this good, I work hard for this.”

“You know Trish would always beat me in this ring but looking at her now and me now. I’ll be a shoe in to finally beat her in this ring. I’ve been wanting to do this for years but I want to give Trish the biggest stinkface I’ve ever given. I’ve always loved sticking a beautiful woman’s face, a face everyone cherishes and thinks is so beautiful and shoving it between my ass cheeks. Torrie stands there wondering, as she continues to wrestle her tongue with the lollipop in her mouth. A lot of women came up admiring Trish in this industry. They would talk about her, try to look like her. And Frankly I think you, Alexa are one of those women who try to be like Trish.” Alexa chuckles at this.

Alexa: “I’m not trying to be the next Trish but I’m trying to be the first Alexa! Although it’s pretty great to be compared to Trish, I’m gonna do something that she might not be able to do at Extreme Rules. I’m gonna beat Paige tonight.” The crowd cheers  Alexa after her statement.

Torrie takes a large step towards the smaller girl. She gets face to face with Alexa. But Alexa is kinda short. So Alexa looks up at Torrie while Torrie’s boobs are pretty much in her face. Alexa stares right back up at Torrie looking up to her. Torrie slowly takes her lollipop out of her mouth, “good luck tonight Alexa.” Torrie giggles at this. But continues on. Torrie puts the lolli back into her mouth. She sucks it in front of Alexa. Her saliva all over the lolli now. Torrie takes the lolli again out of her mouth. She does it slowly, as she sizes up Alexa. A piece of saliva drips as Torrie separates her tongue with the lollipop. Torrie motions with her mouth that Alexa needs to open her mouth now. Alexa looks up at Torrie from between her boobs. Alexa looks on confused like what? That’s when Torrie lowers her lollipop into Alexa’s mouth. Alexa isn’t fast enough to reject it. She knows it’s going into her mouth (Torrie after all put it so slowly into her mouth) but Alexa is not putting this thing in her mouth. Torrie is. So Alexa thinks it’s not her fault that the lolli went into her mouth. Torrie is the weird one here. It was against Alexa’s will. Torrie rests her former lolli onto the tongue of Alexa Bliss. Torrie then walks off. Alexa’s eye bulge out shocked of what Torrie just did. She’s in front of a crowd and can’t be ok with Torrie’s actions. She spits the lollipop out of her mouth but not before taking a good sucking from the lollipop. Alexa thinks quick that she sucked it to taste what the heck the flavor was. That’s all. It had nothing to do with wanting to taste what Torrie’s saliva tastes like, she tells herself. Alexa looks on with a look of anger at Torrie as she walks up the stage. Torrie winks at Alexa for good measure. The announce team (Lawler), “It kinda looked like Alexa wanted that lollipop in her mouth?”

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      1. I think Paige wins clean to prove her championship reign is legit going into her match with Trish, no I don’t think after the match maybe

        Liked by 1 person

      2. There’s an option in the classic editor that’s says add poll near the top of the page. I’m posting Trish vs Angelina 2 in one minute.


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