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Raw 2.5 Main Event – Paige Vs. Alexa Bliss

Paige Vs. Alexa is next (Non title match)

Paige is in the ring with Alexa as Ariadna gives in ring introductions to the women. The crowd sides with Alexa in this upcoming battle.

The bell rings. Paige is excited about this match up. She circles around Alexa Alexa dances to same beat. We have two athletes in their prime ready to lock up.

They approach each other Paige is going for a surprise take down but the scrappy young Alexa is the first to attack as she drops a low drop kick to Paige’s legs. Paige flips in midair from the impact and lands on her back. Paige sits right back up as she wasn’t expecting such a quick attack from Alexa. Alexa quickly launches onto Paige from behind and applies a sleeper hold. Alexa knows she’s not gonna match match power with Paige so she’s relying on speed to stay on top of Paige. Alexa knows this is a big opportunity right now. If she can pull this win out Paige she’s bound to one day possibly get a title shot and steal Paige’s title from her. She’s gotta be careful with Paige because she knows how dangerous this woman is. She’s coming off a win from extreme rules after she put the vampire to sleep in a coffin just two weeks earlier.

The sleeper was a bit too early use on Paige as Paige still has a lot of durability. Paige uses her larger mass to begin rising up even when Alexa is on top of her back applying the sleeper. Alexa applies the hold tighter and feels Paige coughing struggling to breath from her hold. Alexa wraps her legs around Paige to apply more pressure.

Paige makes it to both legs with Alexa on her back. Paige falls backward hard as the back of her head actually smashes against Alexa’s mouth. Alexa releases the hold and is grabbing her mouth in pain. Paige is on all fours trying to get some oxygen into her body. She breathes heavily as she stares down the fallen Alexa. Paige rises up to both legs. Paige begins lifting Alexa up. “This is MY HOUSE!” Paige turns Alexa around and lifts her up for a PTO but Alexa our of nowhere counters and rolls up Paige. We have the first cover! The referee starts the count. 1! The crowd chants along as Alexa holds on to the strong legs of Paige trying to hold her down. 2! The crowd chants along hoping Alexa can pull this off.

Paige using her leg muscles to force Alexa off of her breaking the rollup attempt.

They both get to their feet but Alexa was faster to her feet. Alexa jumps on top of Paige and has Paige’s head under her arm. Alexa has her arm wrapped around her neck for a ddt.

Alexa hops into the air her legs extended upward pointing to the ceiling. She’s going for a swinging ddt. As she braces for the impact the ddt will have on the both of them.

Paige uses her upper body strength to attempt to get a reversal going. Paige shoves Alexa off of her while Alexa was in mid flight. Paige has freed herself from being under Alexa’s arm. Paige barely gets to the ropes to gain her composer back. As she watches Alexa fall And crashing down onto the mat. Her body hits hard. The DDT was unsuccessful. The crowd squirms uncomfortably from that landing. Alexa is hurt but she’s rising up to one knee.

Paige already has gained some life back. Paige circles around Alexa while she’s on one knee. Alexa knows Paige is behind her but she’s still holding her tummy from the stiff landing she just had. Suddenly Alexa feels her arms being taken from behind her and being lifted into the air. Paige has put Alexa in the PTO. Alexa screams in pain. Paige is applying pressure on Alexa. Alexa is fighting the pain trying to stay in this. Paige yells her war cry as she mounts more pressure on Alexa. Alexa doesn’t have a choice. She hates herself but she begins tapping to the PTO.

Paige continues applying more pressure for good measure as the ref gets Alexa free.

Here is your winner, the world champion PAIGE!

Paige leaves the ring with Alexa laid out. Paige starts walking away from the ring and up the ramp. Paige realizes Alexa almost had her earlier and is eager to get away from her.

Torrie Wilson comes out in a white lingerie. Lollipop in her mouth and Torrie skips passed Paige on her way to the ring. Alexa is getting up slowly. She’s up to one knee. Paige walks off confused and a little miffed about Torrie coming out the way did she feels insulted as she begins walking backward up the ramp keeping an eye on Torrie to see if she tries to attack her. After a safe enough distance she turns around and continues walking up the ramp.

Torrie enters the ring and stands in front of Alexa.

Torrie: “Hi Trish”

Alexa looks up at Torrie confused? “Trish?”

Torrie kicks Alexa in the mid-section and delivers an X-Factor onto Alexa. Alexa head bounces off the matt knocking her unconscious.

Torrie drags Alexa by her arm like a rag doll to the bottom turnbuckle and rests her head on the bottom turnbuckle. Alexa’s head rolls back Along with her eyes as she rests her head on the bottom turnbuckle. Alexa’s mouth slightly open as she doesn’t know where she is. Torrie waves her hands up in the air giving the “back it up” sign. Torrie pulls down her panties to reveal a thong. Camera flashes light up Torrie’s ass in white as she skips on over to Alexa and gets in stinkface position.

Alexa starts to regain consciousness her mouth still open. Alexa looks around confused because of the shadow of Torrie’s ass encompasses her body. Why is it so dark right now?.

Torrie doesn’t give Alexa a chance to figure out what the heck is going on. Torrie squats down hard into Alexa’s face. Alex’s head snaps back hard against the turnbuckle. Torrie’s ass smothering Alexa’s face between her ass cheeks. Torrie can feel Alexa’s struggling under ass as she continues grinding her ass into Alexa’s face.

Torrie: “You like that Trish!”

The Tron shows Alexa’s face has disappeared between Torrie’s ass cheeks. Torrie continues sitting down hard onto Alexa’s face pushing down all her weight into little Alexa’s face. Torrie is trying to crush Alexa. Alexa’s arms are waving around not sure what to do. The back of Alexa’s head pressed hard into the bottom turnbuckle as Torrie is giving an aggressive stinkface onto Alexa face; shes hoping to make Alexa suffocate under her ass. Alexa’s arms start to fade from the hard smothering. Alexa can’t breath anymore and is just inhaling the scent of Torrie’s ass. Alexa is trying to breath through her mouth that’s pretty much covered by Torrie’s asshole. Alexa fades. Her arms fall to the side and hang on the bottom ropes. Her shoulders wresting on the turnbuckle as Torrie delivers her crushing stinkface now to a lifeless Alexa. Torrie feels Alexa’s open mouth on her ass starting to slobber. Based off this Torrie knows that Alexa is out of it Torrie lifts up off Alexa’s face. Alexa is passed out on the bottom turnbuckle. Alexa’s makeup ruined on her face as some of it was left on Torrie’s ass.

See you at Summerslam Trish. Only next time. I’ll leave a present for that pretty face of yours. The crowd is stunned by how sadistic Torrie’s stinkface was as the camera shows audience members gasping from the brutal stinkface.

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  1. Great win for Paige over a very good competitor in Alexa Bliss. Poor Alexa night didn’t end in a loss it ended with Torrie s rear end all in her face. The mini Trish Stratus got owned tonight by two women


      1. Torrie I mean Alexa face passed out in the Boise Idaho butt with slobber coming out of her mouth. Can’t get much worse/ better than that


      2. I’m a Trish guy so anything with Trish I’m all for . The Alexa Torrie match is good too. Would love to see Robbie make a debut on your site

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I hope so, alexa falls to Torrie, Torrie needs to keep her momentum up to face the real Trish Stratus


      4. I thought you meant just the 4 women involved in this match feud , yes they are 3 and 4 then


      5. Probably Nikki s matches she seems like she’s the top woman in the ring after two shows


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