7 Raw Main Event Number One Contender’s Match Kelly Kelly vs. Sasha Banks

Kelly and Sasha are in the ring as dueling chants begin for both superstars.


Kelly is stepping into the ring with a main event caliber wrester while Sasha is stepping into the ring with someone who she knows wants her spot on the card. Both women have a lot going on in their head as they eyeball each other.

They approach each other in the center of the ring. Kelly is the first to kick Sasha in the mid section. She gets Sasha in a headlock and squeezes her head. Sasha not going to take it lying down begins elbowing Kelly in her gut. Once she’s elbowed her a few times so that Kelly has loosened her grip she lifts up the taller woman for a big back drop. Kelly reaches for the back of her own head in pain from the move. Sasha gets to her feet.

“Come on sexy Kelly Kelly!”

She kicks Kelly in head while she’s down.

“I’m the boss bitch!”

Sasha heads over to the turnbuckle and gets to the second rope. Sasha is measuring Kelly as she stirs in the ring. Kelly is to her feet and Sasha launches off the second rope for an axe handle smash. Kelly catches her in mid flight. Sasha is shocked by Kelly’s power and unable to reverse from Kelly’s catch. Kelly delivers and overhead belly to belly suplex throwing Sasha to the opposite end of the ring. The crowd responds positively for this.

Kelly’s keeping an eye on her opponent as she begins getting up from the suplex. Sasha is also sitting up. Kelly begins to wonder if Sasha is lucky or if Sasha has been studying her. Kelly would have rushed over to take Sasha down with a K2 if Sasha didn’t sit-up to get up.

Sasha is very into the match. She’s a competitor and this up-and-comer is giving her a run for her money. Sasha gets up and is suddenly right back down again as she feels a shoulder block take her down. Sasha gets right back up and Kelly again gives another shoulder block. Kelly emphasizing her strength advantage in this match. Sasha is used to fighting against a strength advantage opponent. Sasha not wanting to take another shoulder block rolls out of the ring just enough to get to the apron and stands up at the apron of the ring. Kelly launches into Sasha through the ropes with an unexpected spear through the ropes and to the floor!

Both women are down! A holy shit chant breaks out. The ref is stunned by what just happened. He snaps back out of it and begins his count.

Kelly is going all-in in this match and is sacrificing herself to take Sasha down. Kelly just pulled a high risk move that was outside of her wheelhouse of moved. Kelly doesn’t want to be overlooked and is proving how much she really wants to get into the cell with Nikki and Paige. Kelly did this spear to be unpredictable in this match and she certainly did so. Her feelings earlier of Sasha having her mapped out have now erased because of the move. Kelly still can’t believe she launched herself like that to spear Sasha through the ring all the way down to the floor.

Sasha is down clutching at her sides on the floor. Sasha was not expecting this from Kelly. Kelly also landed hard on the floor below and is trying to recover.

The ref is at a count of 7. Kelly forces herself to get up and grabs Sasha by the hair. 8! Kelly barely gets Sasha into the ring rolling her body into the ring as Sasha holds her sides. 9! Kelly rolls into the ring herself now to break the count. Kelly uses the ropes to help her up.

Sasha is struggling now. She’s in pain as she tries to ignore the impact she’s feeling from that spear. Sasha gets to her feet still protecting her sides. Kelly sees Sasha in pain and is wondering if that spear paid off. Kelly is still dizzy from the move as she relies on the corner turnbuckle to catch her breath and hold her up.

Sasha begins walking towards Kelly from the center of the ring. But damn it! Sasha goes down to all fours before she can make it to Kelly. Walking towards Kelly just made her sides hurt some more and she can’t seem to rise above the impact.

Kelly thinks she sees Sasha on all fours but the dizziness might be messing with her head. Kelly is sticking to her all-in philosophy in this match and rushes Sasha and lifts off the ground hoping to connect. Kelly’s hard, golden legs lock Sasha’s head in for a K2! Kelly connects as she doesn’t allow Sasha to bounce of the mat even though Sasha’s body wanted to just bounce. Kelly keeps her leg on top of Sasha resting her leg on the back of Sasha’s head. Kelly can’t believe she actually connected with the K2. She sits there breathing heavily. The crowd begins to rally behind her.

JR: “Come on Kelly make the cover! You can do it! What an upset this will be!”

Kelly pushes herself to roll Sasha over and hooks Sasha’s leg and this one is over. The crowd cheers Kelly on for her big victory and is going to Hell in a Cell.

JR: “Kelly just pulled the biggest win of her career tonight king! Kelly just crowbarred her way into the main event scene!”

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    1. Yup, my original intention was for the cell match to be a one on one match. But I had a hard time choosing between Kelly and Nikki during the clash PPv lol that’s why I just had both advance to the match. Now I have three undefeated people going to the cell with only one walking out undefeated then.

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