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SummerSlam 3.1 Earlier in the Evening

Summerslam begins with Nikki Bella looking on at the camera. Nikki Bella is in the production truck with a microphone in hand.

“I wanted to get the world’s attention before this show starts since no one pays attention to me. These past few weeks I’ve been kicking everyone’s asses that I’ve stepped in the ring with and how the hell is it possible that I don’t have a match tonight! If everyone’s afraid to step in the ring with me then I should be champion!”

There’s banging on the door of the production truck.

“Ignore the banging. I’m the only one who’s banging here J,” Nikki scoffs. “If I don’t get the attention, I deserve bad things are gonna start happening around here.” Nikki blows a kiss towards the camera. The door can be heard being busted open as the camera immediately goes back to the arena.

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