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All the women are in the ring as introductions are done. It’s a traditional Survivor Series Match. The Beautiful People talk trash in the ring. The Angels are just ignoring the group.

Ariel and Torrie are standing while Trish is on all fours like a dog. Her leash leading to her master, Ariel.

The Beautiful People make fun of them being short a team member and that they have Trish like a dog.

Ariel tells Trish to prop up onto her like a dog but still on her knees. Trish excitingly jumps towards Ariel with her arms. As Ariel begins taking the collar off of Trish. She takes it off and holds Trish steady.

The bell rings.

“Go get em’ girl!” Ariel releases Trish as her and Torrie exit the ring and head down the steps. There are two chairs in their corner???

They sit in them not even standing at the apron. They’re not making themselves available to be tagged in.

Trish rises from her knees.

Madison is first to start things off. Madison is aware of what Trish did to Carrie on Raw so she’s taking precaution, keeping a fighting stance.

Trish walks towards Madison like she doesn’t care what stance Madison is in. It messes with Madison’s head because Trish doesn’t seem like she cares.

As Trish gets closer Madison launches onto Trish and gets her in a headlock. Trish feeling the pressure being applied to her head. Trish still has a lot of energy in this match. She lifts Madision up off the ground and delivers a back body drop onto Madison. Madison is slammed onto the ground.

Trish begins getting close to one of the corner turnbuckles and is measuring her opponent. Madison is getting up from the back body drop slightly dizzy. Trish begins running towards Madison. Trish launches into the air and connects her knee to the chin of Madison knocking her out instantly. Similar to Daniel Bryan’s running knee. The move launches Madison backwards and onto her back as she falls to the ground. Her partners have never seen Trish pull a move like this before.

Trish makes a cover on Madison. 1… 2…. 3!

The rest of the Beautiful People look on worried like they can’t believe Madison has already been eliminated.

JR: “Its now a fair games match king. The numbers advantage is lost!”

Trish rises as she eyeballs whomever wants to step into the ring next.

Carrie calls Angelina to step in, the athlete of the group. Angelina steps right in looking to go toe-to-toe with Trish. Angelina looks to test strength with Trish as she raises her arm her hand in the air as she expects Trish to reciprocate. Trish follows and grabs Angelina’s hand. They hesitantly do this again with their other hand and they’re locked in and begin testing strength.

In this test of strength both women are competing for the upper hand against one another. Trish wins and begins applying herself more in the strength exchange. She gains the upper hand as Angelina falls to one one knee against Trish. Angelina is screaming in pain as her strength isn’t matching up against Trish’s strength.

To end it Trish suddenly head-butts angelina’s face. Trish’s big forehead just smashed Angelinas nose. Angelina is bleeding from the nose now. Trish releases her strength test and grabs Angelina by her head. She jumps with her and delivers stratusfaction to Angelina.

The crowd begins booing. Trish doesn’t play to them as she use to. She’s like a zombie that doesn’t care about anything. Just serious as she destroys her opponents.

Trish runs to knock velvet and Carrie off the apron and makes the cover on Angelina. Angelina is down for the three count and the Beautiful People are now down to 2. Boos continued to mount as Trish rises waiting for her next opponent.

Carrie and Velvet look to one another, realizing how truly fucked they are.

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