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Velvet and Carrie argue over who should get in the ring next.

At the opposite end of the ring is the complete opposite reaction. Ariel and Torrie are relaxing in their chairs enjoying their match from their corner.

Velvet frustrated with Carrie hops into the ring. Like the terminator Trish approaches Velvet.

Velvet rolls out of the ring towards Ariel and Torrie and continues walking up the ramp.

“You’re on your own Carrie! The Beautiful People don’t need you! She walks up the ramp as the camera follows her.

Margot appears out of nowhere running with the camera man. “Sky! Sky! Are you saying Carrie is no longer with the Beautiful People?!”

Velvet continues walking while still annoyed, “Yes! Loss after loss after loss is ridiculous! She was good in the beginning but this is horrible! We can move on without her!” Velvet makes it to back as the referee finishes his ten count.

Velvet has been eliminated.

Velvet goes through the curtain with the camera man and Margot and she’s stricken with horror. Velvet screams in horror as she sees what’s before her.

Like a murder scene lying on the ground is Madison and Angelina and they’ve been busted open with blood splattered on the ground.

Margot manages to get through Sky to see what she’s yelling at and sees Madison and Angelina beaten up on the floor. Margot screams too.

Margot suddenly hears a loud smashing sound and blood splatter across her face, outfit, and onto the camera lens.

Margot looks to see what the smashing sound was and sees Velvet standing there momentarily; her head now connected to a steel chair.

The dented chair and Velvet fall down like a tree slowly.

Brandi looks to the camera as Velvet falls and yells, “Timmmmbbeeerrrr!!!!!”

Brandi looks to the camera, “Maybe next time you’ll think before youuuuu cheat.” To the tune of one of Carries classics, winking to the camera.

Meanwhile, in the ring Carrie is still in the ring apron, her mouth hanging open. She hasn’t moved.

Security rushes to the scene and grabs Brandi to take her away. A medical staff arrive moments later; checking on the Beautiful People.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Trish has become impatient. Trish delivers a chick kick to the head of Carrie. Carrie falls off the apron and to the floor on the outside.

Trish rolls to the outside looking to finish the job. She grabs Carrie and throws her into the ring. Trish follows her in.

Trish looks to end the match but now Torrie gets up from her chair and rushes to the apron, “let me finish her off!”

Trish just ignores her. She looks to Ariel for her guidance.

Ariel is amused and smiling. Ariel has Trish wrapped around her finger.

Torrie becomes frustrated. Trish only listens to Ariel. Torrie doesn’t have control over Trish unless Ariel gives and order. “Tag me in you dumb bitch! Ariel tells this bitch to tag me in.”

The crowd boos heavily as the humiliation of Trish continues. The crowd begins to become rowdy. The loathing is steadily climbing with the audience. Trish was a fan favorite but now she’s Ariel’s bitch.

Ariel nods her head at Trish. Trish knows what she needs to do. Trish rolls to the outside and grabs a chair. The referee argues with her to put the chair down. She doesn’t care what the referee says. She’s going to do what she is ordered to do. She takes the chair and positions herself next to Carrie.

Torrie realizes what Ariel’s request was and is no longer extending her hand out but is enjoying the show.

Carrie gets on her hands and knees thinking she already must have lost the match.

Trish reigns down chair shots to the back of Carrie hitting her repeatedly with the chair. She gets 5 good shots in before throwing the chair to the outside almost hitting a fan. The crowd jeers Trish. The ref calls for the bell and it’s announced that Trish is eliminated by DQ.

Trish walks out of the ring and heads to the back. Ariel is smiling at the destruction caused.

Torrie hops right into the ring to continue this massacre of a match. She heads over to grab her mic, “One of Country’s biggest sensations is here with us folks… sort of.” The boos cut her off, Ariel’s Angels generate more heat than even Carrie. The audience feels there should be pity for Carrie. Carrie has been going through the ringer tonight.

“She’s absolutely a ‘Beautiful Person’ right?… I see why she joined the Beautiful People.” Torrie pauses to let it sink in. She knows the audience knows what she has planned.

JR: “This doesn’t sound good king. We know where this is going.

King: “This is ‘Murphy’s Law’ JR. ‘Everything that can go wrong will go wrong.’

JR: “True, things are going from bad to worse. I thought Kelly and Paige had a tuff night but Carrie’s night might very well top it.”

Torrie continues, “My ass hasn’t eaten in awhile… and I need to feed her some beauty…. Omg!” Torrie begins rubbing her pussy threw her trunks just thinking of rubbing her ass against Carrie’s face. Torrie’s not shy with being sexual in front of audience. Torrie knows she’s hot and no matter what she does in the ring she knows the audience will enjoy her.

She closes her eyes and begins thinking of how she’s going to a demolish a pop superstar’s beautiful face. “Ok I’m starting to get ahead of myself.” Torrie stops touching herself and grabs Carrie’s lifeless body and drags it to the corner.

JR: “Here we go again…”

Torrie positions Carrie in the corner. She’s propped up against the corner and her neck is resting on the bottom turnbuckle. The rest of her body is just kinda drooping. Carrie’s neck is only resting on the turnbuckle. Her mouth hanging open and her eyes are shut. Unaware of her current predicament.

Torrie pulls down her trunks to reveal a thong. Torrie approaches Carrie and notices Carrie’s mouth hanging open, “oh maybe I can get a wash back there too.”

Torrie grossly reaches into Carrie’s mouth and pulls out her tongue. Now Carrie’s tastebuds are exposed.

Torrie repositions herself in stinkface position. Her underwear looks dampened, Torrie’s obviously enjoying herself.

Torrie eagerly plants her ass perfectly in the center of Carrie’s face. Her tongue was positioned so that it immediately would have been first to connect with Torrie’s asshole. However, the thong is between the two touching but it almost doesn’t matter.

Torrie begins massaging Carrie’s face with her ass, as a starting point, she moves her ass in a slow circular motion against the pretty face. Glimpses of Carrie’s face can be seen momentarily and repeatedly as Torrie forces her ass against her face. Torrie begins rubbing her clit with one hand; enjoying this moment she loves. Her eyes glaze over to the back of her head as she gets off on her facewash she’s giving Carrie.

Torrie’s thong continues to moisten as Torrie continues to get horny. Torrie is starting to orgasm.

As Torrie continues to get closer to orgasm she begins to get rougher with Carrie’s face. Torrie begins rubbing her ass in an up and down motion against Carrie’s face instead of rounding motion, as she did earlier. Torrie’s ass gets slobbier and slobbier as it fills with Torrie’s cum and Carrie’s spit.

The referee calls for the bell. Carrie has passed out. The winner is Team Ariel and the Survivors, Torrie and Ariel.

Torrie finally orgasms! Torrie slams her ass hard against Carrie’s face. Torrie’s ass cheeks open as it’s pressed hard against the side of the face of Carrie. Torrie’s asshole is pressed against Carries cheek. Carries makeup is ruined her face just looks like it was ruined. Torrie holds it for a good few seconds and finally releases Carrie. Carrie tumbles off the first turnbuckle to the ground. Torrie’s ass just ate Carrie’s face.

Torrie walks over to the other end of the ring. She yells to Ariel “I want to do my stinkface to Trish like that next! That felt sooooo good!”

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      1. I would rank it
        1. Brandi still after her- Judging by her actions Brandi is dangerous
        2. Stink face- Carrie’s face was dinner for Torrie’s ass
        3. Being Abandoned- Carrie was left for dead now and against Brandi
        4. Losing the match- Least of her problems

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