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Alexa bliss makes her way down the ramp. The crowd is quite surprised to see her and she gets a warm welcoming from the crowd.

JR: “We haven’t seen Alexa since Summerslam folks!”

King: “Not since her bout with Torrie Wilson @Summerslam when Torrie mutilated her face with her ass.”

Alexa enters the ring with a mic. “Thank you for that warm welcoming. :). As you all know I’ve been away for awhile and things didn’t end too well for me last time you all saw me… yea it wasn’t pretty…Usually after someone suffers something so humiliating in this industry we tend to disappear. I was one of them.” Alexa pauses as she tries to collect herself.

“…I didn’t want to come back. I didn’t want anyone to see me after that. But I gotta admit I did get some inspiration from my peers…One peer in particular… Brandi Rhodes was humiliated at Hell in a Cell brutally by the Beautiful People. But she didn’t let that stop her. She spent some time away and she’s back and… dare I say… stronger than ever. I don’t want my last image in your head to be… well you know… so I’m looking forward now! I’m out here for a match with anyone who wants to come out and accept!”

Alexa leans on the ropes facing the ramp and eagerly anticipates anyone to come out.

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