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SummerSlam 3.4 Alexa Vs Torrie Aftermath

Torrie sits up from the ring. Torrie has just put Alexa in her place. Torrie is redeemed.

Alexa begins to regain consciousness. Alexa sits up confused. She’s starts to look around and see Torrie getting to her feet.

A heavy sinking feeling in Alexa’s tummy begins to resonate. Omg Torrie Wilson beat me.

Torrie is to her feet. Her and Alexa make eye contact. Torrie grins at Alexa as Alexa feels dejected. Alexa still can believe this.

Torrie picks up a mic. She breathes heavily into the mic as she speaks.

“Well well well Alexa, it looks like I’m the better wrestler and not only that… my ass gets to eat your face.”

The crowd boos. Alexa begins crying in the ring. She doesn’t even get to her feet. She knows what Torrie wants to do to her. And begins crawling to one of the bottom turnbuckles.

Torrie, “Thats it Trish, you know what it’s time for.”

It stings Alexa when Torrie calls her Trish.

She rests on the bottom turnbuckle and glares angrily at Torrie Wilson.

Torrie slides her underwear right off her body. It slides right off as the sweat on her legs is like a lubricant that allows her underwear to just slide off.

She has her wet underwear in her hand and throws it to hungry audience members.

Torrie skips on over to Alexa as she rests there seated. Alexa can already smell Torrie’s scent before she can even get to her. Her toxic smelly aroma causes Alexa to cough uneasily.

Torrie is eager and excited to get little Trish up her ass. Alexa is in stinkface position. Torrie waves her ass in front of Alexa as Alexa needs to fulfill her end of the bargain. She looks up at Torrie’s ass ready to accept Torrie’s slippery ass into her face. Torrie squats slowly.

Alexa watches as Torrie’s ass slowly searches for her throne to sit on.

Alexa’s nose feels it first. Alexa’s nose is the first to part Torrie’s ass cheeks. Her nose enters her ass first as Alexa begins breathing through her mouth now since her nose is closed off from Torrie’s ass cheeks wrapping around her nose. The sweat of her ass being inhaled through Alexa’s mouth. Alexa feels the sweat of Torrie’s ass drip onto her forhead. Alexa’s mouth is open to take a deep breath momentarily as it now starts to face the same fate as her nose.

Torrie’s wet asshole is tenderly accepted by Alexa’s open mouth. Alexa can’t breath anymore as her nose and mouth are now covered.

The rest of Alexa’s face begins to get consumed by a hungry ass. Torrie is slow this time around. Enjoying every second of this.

Torrie uses her hands to open her buttcheeks a little bit more and releases them. So that her asscheeks has wrapped around the younger woman’s face. Locking her head in place. Torrie starts to slowly grind now. Bending her legs and her hands on her knees so she can get all of her ass explored. She begins slowly massaging her asshole using Alexa’s face.

Torrie starts to get an itch in her asshole. But she uses Alexa’s face as an ass-scratcher as she begins rubbing a little bit more aggressively to scratch that itch.

Alexa is covered in sweat as she can’t help but listen to the sounds of the skin of Torrie’s ass and the skin of Alexa’s face making noises as they rub together. it sounds like how a masseuse would put wax over her back and massage her back. It’s that particular sound of lubricant and skin rubbing against each other.

Alexa begins gagging now as Torrie begins rubbing up and down her ass all over Alexa’s face. Making sure her asshole has kissed her entire face.

Torrie feels Alexa gagging for oxygen. Torrie holds Alexa in position now with her buttocks wrapped around her small face and blasts a fart into Alexas face. Alexa passes out. She couldn’t take anymore.

Torrie begins getting up from her seated position. Alexa’s sinks further down so that her head only, not including her shoulders and back anymore, rests awkwardly on the bottom turnbuckle. Her hair ruined it looks like a tornado blew past her.

Torrie looks straight at the camera. “Trish, I don’t know when it’s gonna happen but I’m finally gonna get my ass to your face and I’m gonna make my stinkface to you the worst in history. I erased your future by destroying this wannabe Trish. I want you Trish. Whether it’s over the title or not. Trish my ass is starving. And your face is going to feed it. See you soon.” Torrie winks to the camera and walks away. Butt naked!

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  1. Wow wow love it. Torrie s butt still hungry after Alexa Bliss, Trish better bring her best against Torrie or Trish will be tasting Torrie s sexy a$$.

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