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Stephanie enters Ariel’s locker room. She’s confused by how dark her room is and all the black that encompasses her room. Behind Stephanie is Ashley who looks around the room thinking how much it needs a new décor.

Ariel is sitting in her room reviewing the contract Trish and Paige will be signing later tonight.

Stephanie approaches Ariel, “Ariel, how have you been?”

Ariel looks up at Stephanie, slightly annoyed.

Stephanie continues, “… Well I guess it doesn’t matter. Anyways, Ariel, I wanted to offer you and Trish any help I can offer to make TLC… pleasant for both of us. The last person I tried to help she rejected me and well she’s not champion now is she.”

“Look Stephanie, I know what the ramifications of the match is and I know you would just hate to step into the ring with Paige. Because Paige wants to beat the holy hell out of you… But my war machine doesn’t need any help. She’s not Kelly Kelly. Trish is going to put Paige down and become champion. You’re in good hands.”

“I heard this before, Ariel and I won’t take ‘No’ for an …” Stephanie is interrupted.

“Trish will win!” Ariel repeats annoyed.

Stephanie is frustrated, “Just so you know, I’m forced to rely on Trish to win that match. Trish has already lost to Paige twice. I need her to win that match at TLC. If she can’t pull that off? Well… I don’t know what’s going on with You and Torrie after last week. And I don’t see her around here. But Ashley over here has enough ass to fit both you and Trish’s face in!”

“TLC is my revenge Stephanie! I’m putting my confidence in Trish to get the job DONE! And if you threaten me again…” Ariel gets in Stephanie’s face her eyes popping out in anger. “… then maybe I’ll get Trish a new playmate STEPHANIE!”

Ashely steps in front of Stephanie so that she’s looking down now at Ariel as Ariel now looks up at Ashley. They glare at each other.

Stephanie continues, “Trish better win! The offer still stands for me to help Trish. Let’s go Ashley.”

Ariel looks on glaring at them as they leave her room.

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