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JR: “Folks, the ladies have agreed not to lay hands on each other tonight or risk WrestleMania-like repercussions!”

King: “Whatever that means.”

Margot Robbie stands in the middle of the ring. She looks to officiate the exchange.

Torrie Wilson comes out. Dressed in lingerie. She skips to the ring with confidence. Her familiar lollipop being sucked on in her mouth. Torrie is enjoying her lollipop in her mouth as she licks it obsessively.

Trish Stratus comes out feeling off her game. There’s no crowd. There’s no cheering. Trish comes out to resounding, unfamiliar silence. Trish isn’t getting the energy from the crowd tonight.

Trish comes out pointing to an empty crowd. She still chooses to do what feels natural to her.

Trish Stratus raises her title in the air.

Torrie smiles at Trish.

Margot Robbie hands Trish the mic and contract. She also hands Torrie her own mic.

It’s only a desk in the ring. No chairs.

Trish Stratus begins, “Torrie, I really don’t have much to say to you. I think you’re an obsessive, stupid, bitch! At WrestleMania, I come full circle. You’re my last target Torrie!”

Trish signs the contract and gives it to Margot.

Trish looks at Torrie and thinks about her: Ariel made us young. We both don’t need her anymore. You’re the last angel I’m taking down.

Torrie is handed the contract by Margot.

Torrie takes the contact and signs it. She then nonchalantly hands it to Margot.

Torrie gets up and seductively walks around the table towards Trish. Torrie seductively sits her ass on the desk. Lowering herself so that she’s at Trish’s level to address her. Torrie takes the lollipop out of her mouth. Her lips pressed against the lollipop as it exits her mouth.

“Look around Trish. There’s no audience anymore… you don’t need to talk or… act like there is one. You’ve always been driven by a crowd reaction…”

Torrie steps up off of leaning against the desk and enters Trish’s personal space. She sucks again her lollipop some more in Trish’s face. Torrie’s height has The advantage of being able to position Trish’s face between her breasts. Torrie thinks to herself, I had Alexa Bliss here once.

Trish and Torrie have been rivals for a long time now. Trish wants this match at Mania. Trish has in the back of her mind that she can’t get physical with Torrie. Trish is determined to beat Torrie’s ass at mania and complete her ‘Kill Bill’ revenge story.
Why is this bitch in my face?… but I love her perfume.

Torrie takes her lollipop out of her mouth. “… Whether there’s a crowd or not at WrestleMania, I’m going to beat you in the middle of this ring… I came back with one goal… and one goal only… and that was to stuff your beautiful face in my ass. To give my ass the ultimate meal. That face needs needs to be mushed. It’s such a beautiful face that’s never been desecrated by my ass!! … Yes, Ariel made us young Trish. But only one of us is going to make it out of Mania superior than the other! At WrestleMania…” Torrie takes her lollipop. Noticing that Trish’s mouth is slightly open. Torrie shoves her drool covered lollipop into Trish’s mouth.

Margot gasps in shock of Torrie’s disrespect to her idol. Margot takes the contract and flees.

Trish can’t help but swallow some of Torrie’s saliva covered lollipop. Before yanking the candy out of her mouth. Trish gets in Torrie’s face and talks trash off mic.

Torrie says on mic, “…I’m superior!”

Torrie drops the pic and talks trash in Trish’s face too to go off the air. Trish is animated as she yells in Torrie’s face. Doing everything in her power to hold back from beating the holy hell out of Wilson.

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      1. I was building to Trish Ariel since the beginning for mania.
        But after while I felt like their feud was loosing steam. So eventually I switched it to being Torrie vs Trish.


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