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5 Clash of Champions Main Event Trish vs. Torrie Aftermath

Torrie rises up from the mat. She’s finally gotten Trish right where she wants her. Trish is down and out. Torrie gets up from the mat and walks around the ring. Waiving to the flashing cameras.

Torrie toys with undoing her string bikini and playfully lets the bikini fall off of her body. Torrie is full of glee as she lifts up the bikini bottom to smell them. She is animate when she indicates how smelly the underwear is. Torrie is telling a story through the photography being taken by the audience right now.

The story so far goes that she’s taken her underwear off and her undies smell bad. They smell bad because she hasn’t wiped herself.

Torrie drags an unconscious Trish and rests her on the bottom turnbuckle in stink-face position. Trish is still out of it. Torrie begins getting in position. She does the “back it up” sign and gets closer to Trish’s face.

Torrie wants Trish awake and aware of what’s going to happen. Torrie steps away from Trish and begins twerking. Torrie wants to fan Trish with the smell of her privates blowing towards Trish.

The rancid smell of Torrie begins waking Trish up. The wind being created from Torrie’s twerking blew enough to wake Trish.

Torrie sees Trish has awakened from her slumber. Trish is slowly regaining consciousness.

Torrie, giddy approaches Trish again.

Torrie suddenly sees Ariel crawling towards her. Torrie approaches Ariel questioning her, “what are you doing here?!”

Ariel points to the tron indicating to Torrie she wants her to leave.

Torrie complains, like a daughter to her mother, that she wants to stay and finish this. But Ariel dominantly continues to point towards the tron indicating to Torrie she wants her out of the ring now.

Torrie kicks the bottom rope and leaves the ring. Pissed off and very animated about being sent away by Ariel. Ariel is not even focused on Torrie and looks on at the defeated Trish Stratus in the corner.

JR: “I can’t believe Torrie is listening to Ariel right now. Torrie’s wanted to do this since the day she’s returned and all it took was Ariel pointing a finger for Torrie to walk way. Unbelievable!“

Torrie walks up the ramp dejected. She stops at the top and turns around to see what Ariel has in store.

Ariel crawls towards Trish. Trish doesn’t know where she is. But she feels another woman suddenly saddle her. This woman that’s saddling her is sitting on Trish’s lap as Trish gets a view of who’s on top of her. She realizes it’s Ariel!!

Trish tries to get up but Ariel is too strong and subdues Trish. Trish is stricken with fear as the last person she wanted to see was Ariel this close to her. Trish is frantic to get her off.

Ariel moves Trish’s hair to the side. Ariel mouth opens to expose her fangs growing in her mouth.

Ariel’s like a snake as she uses her thighs to squeeze Trish’s sides, to shut down Trish’s breathing ability. She suddenly wraps her arms around Trish’s body to bring Trish closer to her. Ariel lunges her face towards Trish’s neck and pierces her neck with her pointy teeth. Trish’s eyes tell the tale. She screams loudly in pain from the bite as she clutches Ariel. Hoping she just stops.

The camera can see blood on Trish’s neck where Ariel’s teeth have pierced. Trish shifts repeatedly and disturbingly in Ariel’s arms as Ariel squeezes tight on Trish. Ariel works her thighs and arms like an anaconda wrapped around its prey. Trish’s body jerks against Ariel as Trish’s body tries to fight this person off of her but Ariel refuses to let go after each jerk from Trish. It’s like an automatic defense mechanism from Trish for her to jerk but this isn’t the first time Ariel has bitten someone. Ariel just holds on tighter and tighter so her concentration isn’t broken. Ariel is also utilizing her body heat to further disorient Trish. Trying to suck on her and squeeze the life out of her.

Trish’s gives a light yelp as she begins giving into her fate. Trish’s breathing slows. Ariel feeling Trish going lifeless in her arms as Ariel’s eyes scream in ecstatic pleasure. Trish’s nectar providing Ariel with an endless amount of pleasure. Ariel is deeply enjoying this. Ariel feels Trish body begin to loose tension. Trish isn’t fighting anymore. Again, like a snake, it’s almost like Ariel’s venom has paralyzed Trish. Ariel has never tasted anyone this good before. Its an incredible taste like no other. The sweetest taste she’s ever had in her life. She starts horrifically biting other parts of Trish’s neck to continue getting the crunching sensations.

Trish stops her rigorous shaking and lays there in Ariel’s arms. A dazed look on her face as Ariel continues sucking on Trish in peace now. The anaconda has crippled it’s prey and the predator is now having it’s way with the prey. Slurping and swallowing can be heard as Trish lays there lifelessly in Ariel’s arms and legs, as she continues her consumption. Trish’s eyes are open but it doesn’t look like the lights are on. She lays there in the seated position. Completely giving in to this woman’s control. Just accepting that Ariel is slurping on her neck.

The crowd isn’t reacting to this. They look on puzzled by what they’re seeing.

Ariel has Trish’s life in her hands right now. Ariel doesn’t want to kill her prey. She really wants to continue consuming Trish more. She needs to have more of this incredible taste. Unwillingly she forces herself to finally separates her mouth from Trish’s neck as blood drips from Ariel’s mouth.

Ariel has a monstrous bloody look on her face as she continues to straddle Trish. The expression on Trish’s face hasn’t changed. It’s still dazed and motionless. Ariel motions for Torrie to come back to the ring. Torrie marches back angrily gets to the corner where Trish lays and instinctively lifts Trish onto her shoulder. She waits for Ariel to get in front of her as Ariel leads the way up the ramp. Torrie following closely behind her with the lifeless Trish over her shoulder being carried out.

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      1. Yea, it’s all part of the plan. I had an idea of an arc where I wanted this story to go and so far it’s going the way it’s suppose to go.
        There’s been some small deviations along the way but the main arc is still in motion.
        The next raw event is the start of the next chapter of where the story goes from here.
        There’s some things I keep repeating so that it’s not forgotten. Like on the first raw the vampire Ariel is mentioned. Paige has mentioned before that she’s already beaten her before Summerslam.
        There’s other things I’ve been repeating that you’ll know why after the next chapter unravels.

        Thanks for reading though. I’m glad ur reading them

        Liked by 1 person

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