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Lana makes her way out. She’s carrying a Russian flag with her on the way to the ring. Lana comes to the ring with her head held high. She doesn’t even look at the audience and just walks to the ring like she’s better than everyone.

King: “oh, this is Lana’s debut match JR!”

JR: “Let’s see what she can do in the ring.”

Lana enters the ring and sets up her flag in the corner. She makes sure it’s up right in the corner. Lana didn’t make a lot of eye contact on her way to the ring but finally she’s locking eyes with Alexa.

Alexa is giggling a bit at how Lana came to the ring. She’s off mic but she can be heard saying, “I’m sorry you just look a little odd the way you came down I didn’t mean to laugh at you.”

Lana looks at Alexa like she’s better than her. She’s not expressing a lot of emotion. She has a serious look on her face.

Alexa goes to shake her hand. Extending her hand towards Lana. Lana looks at her hand likes it’s gross and smacks her hand away. This causes Alexa to spin just a little bit. Just enough for Alexa to turn her back momentarily.

Lana jumps aboard the smaller woman and locks in a sleeper hold. Alexa extends her arms in a sort of panic as she wasn’t expecting that.

JR: Lana has locked in a sleeper quite early into the match King.

Alexa finally rests her hands on top of Lana’s head and grabs hold of it tight. Alexa jumps into the air just to get a little bit more out of this next move. Once she jumps she then falls flat on her butt with Lana still attached in the sleeper.

Lana chin crashes against the top of Alexa’s head for a stiff chin breaker. Lana bounces right off of Alexa and is on her back clutching her chin.

Alexa sits on her butt shaking the cobwebs off. Her head is aching too. She then rolls towards the apron. Once outside the ring she heads towards the turnbuckle. Alexa with a headache now as reaches the top of the turnbuckle.

The crowd cheers her on as they k ow what usually happens next.

Alexa leaps off the turnbuckle for twisted bliss.

She connects it and hooks the leg of Lana.

1… Lana is still clutching her chin. And her sides hurt from twisted bliss. 2… Alexa has her eyes looking up towards the rafters at the top looking for the win. She hears the ref hit the three.

JR: This one’s over folks. Alexa with a return and a win.

Alexa’s hand is raised as she smiles over her win. She goes to console Lana but Lana doesn’t have any of it and rejects Alexa’s attempt.

Alexa shrugs it off and exits the ring.

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