As soon as Trish leaves Stephanie makes her way down the ramp. The large plus-size model, Ashley Graham, follows closely behind her.

The biggest grin we’ve ever seen from Stephanie is painted across her face.

Paige stirs in the ring coming to life. Paige is on her hands and knees. Trying to get up. It starts to dawn on the now, former champion, shes been defeated. Ashley and Stephanie enter the ring. It’s obvious some gloating is on the horizon.

Stephanie has a mic in hand as she makes an announcement, “Ladies and gentleman let me be the very first person to introduce you to the now former champion, Paige!” Stephanie’s tone changes to a more serious tone, “…Let this be a lesson to everyone! I don’t care how big you get or if you’re the champion! If you cross the boss you pay for it! Paige pays the piper tonight!”

Paige looks up to Stephanie, completely dejected. She’s come to the realization that she won’t get her match with Stephanie and now she’s here to gloat.

Stephanie smiles and nods to Ashley.


Ashley is overjoyed as she engages Paige. Ashley has always felt Paige has been incredibly disrespectful to the boss and has been waiting for her moment when Stephanie would allow her to have her way with Paige. Ashley grabs Paige by her hair. Pulling her to her feet. Paige throws punches at the sides of Ashley. But they’re the weakest punches Paige has ever thrown. There’s no force behind it. She’s too worn out to do any damage.

Ashley has some meat on her, she uses her larger frame to easily ignore Paige’s shots and lift Paige in mid air and slam her down forcefully into the ground back first. Ashley just performed a ring shattering spine buster. Paige’s body is not moving from the hard spine buster.

Paige rolls in the ring from side to side, trying to shake the effects of the slam. Paige tries to get up as well but a stiff pain stems from her spine when she tries to get up.

Ashley pulls down her underwear. The crowd is bewildered that she’s exposing her self like this. Stephanie is allowing Ashley to expose herself as she bears it all in the ring. It’s unheard of for Stephanie to be allowing this right now.

Ashley positions herself above Paige. Paige has the sight of humanity just above her as the shadow of Ashley encases the dark diva. Paige tries again to move out of the way but her spine won’t allow it. At this point Paige is panicking.

Ashley drops her self for a banzai drop onto the chest of Paige. Her bare cheeks encasing Paige’s body. The dark diva screams in pain between the massive thighs of the large model. The former world champion is trying to cough but her chest is being crushed by the weight of Ashley. Stephanie requests the camera man enters the ring to get a close up of Paige’s predicament.

To Stephanie’s glee, Paige is giving Stephanie puppy dog eyes. She’s visually pleading with her. Paige can be heard by only Steph and Ash, “Please don’t do this! You win! I’m sorry!!!”

Stephanie menacingly speaks into the mic, “I don’t hear you Paige! Maybe the rest of the world can hear you better and tell me what your saying.” Stephanie cockily shoves the mic into Paige’s kisser, not caring how hard she hits her mouth.

The former champion is pinned down. She’s between Ashley’s heavy thick thighs; crying in pain. Words Paige never thought she’d say we’re moments from being uttered. Paige speaks into the mic Stephanie has shoved in her face, hoping this moment can finally end, “Stephanie I’m sorry! Please let me go! I was wrong!”

This is by far the most humiliating moment of Paige’s life. Paige is a former world champion that’s dominated the scene. But in this moment, she’s at her rival’s mercy.

Utter joy oozes from the billion-dollar Princess words, “I’ve broken Paige! She’s at my mercy!… but when you cross the boss, bad things happen. Sooner or later I’m going to get my way… guess what,… tonight I’m getting my way! Ashley! You may proceed!”

Paige screams, “Noooo! Stop!”

Ashley giggles and feels empowered to have the former world champion crushed under her. Ashley has been wanting to do this for a long time. Stephanie hands Ashley a bottle of baby oil. Ashley is nude from the tummy downward. Ashley uses the bottle of oil like a syrup bottle and covers herself in oil. Squeezing the oil from the bottle onto her stomach, legs, and hands. She uses her hands to rub the oil all over her lower body, under her belly, and all over her pussy and ass.

She reaches her hand forward to wipe her ass with oil from back to front.
Oil is rubbed onto the face of Paige for good measure.

Paige pleads with Ashley, hoping for mercy, tears leak from Paige’s eyes because she knows this doesn’t look good for her, “Ashley I don’t know what your doing but please stop I’ll leave you both alone you won’t have to deal with…”

Ashley shuts Paige up. Ashley plants her soaked pussy onto the face of the crying Paige.

The crowd is shocked with what’s happening to the former champion.

Ashley puts her hand under the back of Paige’s head to hold her steady. She grabs a handful of hair and begins grinding hard against the face of Paige. She marinates her face with oil. Her pubes are like a paintbrush as she paints Paige’s face with oil and at this point cum too.

Ashley has the one hand behind Paige’s head pushing it upward so she can arch just enough to feel comfortable with the rub she’s giving Paige. Paige’s face is being used like human sex toy for Ashley’s pleasure.
The audience is silent as they bear witness to something they didn’t see coming. There are no boos just expressions of wonder and shock as the former champion is used.

Ashley wants to give her asshole some love too. Ashley arches herself a little more so that she can get her asshole to rub up against Paige’s face. Paige is almost in a seated position as Ashley just continues going back and forth with massaging her pussy and ass against Paige’s face.

Ashley begins screaming as she feels herself inching closer to an orgasm.

Paige’s small face is completely covered in pussy, ass, and oil. Her arms wrap around Ashley’s waste and legs to try and separate herself. But it’s no use. She feels like her hair is going to be pulled out of her head the closer Ashley gets to orgasming.

At this point Paige is hoping Ashley can just finish already.

Ashley begins speaking frantically, “We can end this stick your tongue out! Come on baby stick your tongue out! Come on Paige! Come on Paige! Let me finish! Let me finish!”

Paige really wants this to end. She’s filled with regret. She hates herself right now. She feels like she doesn’t have a choice and just wants to satisfy the beast above her. Paige gives in. Paige’s mouth had been closed tight this whole time but she opens her mouth and lets out her tongue to play. Paige licks upward away trying to please Ashley and get her off.

Ashley yells loud as she feels Paige’s tongue extend into her body. Ashley yelps one more time as she holds Paige’s face steady. Paige’s face literally cannot be seen. Ashley creams all-over the face of Paige. Ashley wraps her stocky legs around the head of Paige crushing her head between her massive thighs. Paige can’t breath anymore and passes out.

Ashley leans on her side as she violently orgasms into the face of Paige. Uncontrollably pounding her sensitive pussy against the dark diva. Ashley slows down in her aggressive handeling of Paige until her feeling goes away.

Ashley pitifully releases Paige. Paige lays there with her face covered in cum.

Stephanie’s theme plays she and Ashley exit the ring to mercilessly leave Paige alone in a puddle of oil and cum.

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    1. Lol Trish wasn’t feuding with Stephanie. Paige has been feuding with Stephanie for months. Stephanie finally got a hold of Paige.
      What do you think of this outcome for Paige?

      Trish has other problems right now. She’s still a slave. Ariel sent her to retrieve the championship since Ariel couldn’t get a title shot while Paige was champion. That ban has finally been lifted.


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