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JR: “Here we go King; these two women can’t wait to get their hands on each other!”

Trish tackles Paige to the ground as they begin exchanging blows. Both women are rolling on the floor as each women pounds away at each other. During the rough-and-tumble both women have at some point mounted each other punching away; but both have lost the upperhand to each other as they’re just exchanging fists.

The referee tries to take control of the situation but can’t manage to separate the women as they battle. The crowd chants, “Let Them FIGHT!”

King: “JR go separate them!”

JR: “I agree with the audience King, I say ‘let them fight!”

Ariande gets on the mic, “As a special request from Linda McMahon, this match has now officially started and it’s NO DQ!”

King: “Sounds like Linda was listening!”

JR: “She added some bbq sauce to it with the no DQ!… Good call!”

The ref has stops trying to get between them now that the match is made official.

With neither woman getting the upper hand in the fight. Paige has finally settled atop Trish. She has her ass seated over Trish’s abs and is reigning punches on the buxom beauty. Paige has attained a comfortable seat atop her old throne, Trish’s tummy.
Trish memory starts to jog, she begins getting flashbacks of the last time Paige mounted her and rained punches down on her face. Trish was beaten to a pulp last time. Trish instinctively blocks some of the punches that are raining but is eagerly searching for an opening.

While blocking some shots Trish catches an opening and takes a perfect square shot at Paige’s nose knocking Paige right off of her. Paige rolls backward off of her throne. Paige checks her face and finds blood coming down from her nose. Paige with an evil grin. She feels alive.

JR: “Paige is first to bleed in this encounter!”

Trish is up to her feet now. She rushes over to grab Paige’s hair and looks to smash her face onto the steel steps in the corner. As Trish forcefully walks Paige to the steps to crush her face; Paige is already ready for her. Paige reverses this and gets the upper hand and grabs Trish by the back of her head and smashes her kisser into the steel steps. Trish’s face bounces off the steps and tumbles down onto her back on the floor clutching her face.

Paige is measuring Trish as she’s surprised that Trish is getting to her feet already. Paige sprints forward not wanting to give Trish any room to recollect herself. Paige with a spear!…



NO!… Trish has lifted her knee so that Paige’s head has hit hard against Trish’s knee. Trish goes flying backward from the collision and lands on the back of her head. Paige tumbles to the side clutching her head from the impact.

It looks like a car wreck, as both women are down. The ref is quick to check on both of them. Pleading with them to enter the ring.

The ref first checks on Trish before heading to check on Paige. Paige puts her hand in the referee’s face to get him out of her way.

Trish is already crawling into the ring.

Paige walks towards the ring and enters, clutching the top of her head. The knee shot to her head was brutal but Paige is champ for a reason.

Trish gets to her feet as Paige enters the ring. Trish with a right hand towards Paige. Paige returns the favor with a right hand of her own. They exchange rights. The crowd cheering Paige on more as she delivers her punches and booing Trish’s punches. The taller woman eventually gets the upper hand as Paige gets some consecutive punches in on Trish’s pretty face. The former multi-time champion is stepping backward with each passing shot from the unconventional dark diva. Trish goes back first into the corner turnbuckle. Paige continues punching the face-punching into the corner as she goes for one big punch into Trish’s face.

Trish manages to duck this and gets out of the corner. (Trish is desperately trying to avoid getting put in a position where she’s cornered. As Paige has been able to get on roll when she has Trish like that) With the last punch that Paige threw Paige had tossed herself into the corner turnbuckle. She quickly turns around but Trish is immediately jamming her shoulder into the gut of Paige.

The pale powerhouse screams in pain as Trish continues to ram her hard shoulder into the midsection of Paige, trying to cut her in half with each forceful thrust. Each shoulder jam from Trish is so stiff it lifts Paige off the ground.

Trish backs up off of Paige to get some hair and sweat out of her face. Paige tumbles to a seated position in the corner clutching her sides in pain. The champion is reeling. Trish walks to one corner of the ring and runs forward towards Paige. She connects with a brutal Broski boot, taking a page out of Ryder’s book. Paige’s jaw is smashed as the big mighty boot simply levels her. Some spit goes flying from the nasty kick to the beautiful face.

Paige is breathing hard. Sweat dripping down her head.

Trish is resting in the corner just above Paige. The punches from Paige earlier have left the Blonde light-headed. Trish is breathing hard too as she gathers herself above Paige who’s still seated in the corner under her.

The veteran diva finally reaches down and grabs a hold of Paige’s hair forcing her upward to get Paige to stand. Trish shoves Paige under her arm and sets her up for Stratusfaction.

JR: “Paige is in dangerous territory!”

Paige is under Trish’s arm as Trish begins going for Stratusfaction. In a sudden turn of events, the blonde bombshell finds herself spinning in mid-air. The English-born diva just flipped the script around and has landed the PaigeTurner out of nowhere turning Trish inside out! Trish is folded over like she’s performing one of her signature yoga stretches, as she lays there, bent, and on the back of her neck.


Both women are down. Paige is still hurt and drooling on the mat from the broski boot from earlier.

Paige needs to make a cover. The crowd cheers Paige on hoping she can muster enough to cover Trish.

Paige forces herself upward and covers Trish in a sexual manner like the image below for a desperate cover.

1… Trish’s eyes are shut as Paige has forced herself on top of her….

2….trish is dazed…








But Trish opens her eyes to see Paige once again atop her, and in her face. Again, instinctively, like a Nam Veteran seeing a flashback from their time at war, Trish frantically snaps a punch upward landing it on Paige’s nose. Again, Paige rolls off. This time blood is sprayed from Paige’s nose. Paige finds herself in one corner of the ring, she’s hurt. Wiping the blood from her nose. Trish is reeling as she badly rolls to the opposite corner and uses the turnbuckle to get to her feet.

Paige is at the other end of the ring. They’re both covered in sweat. They both try to get their hair out of their face. Paige has the familiar smile as she and Trish make eye contact. Paige is animated, “COME ON YOU BITCH! YOU COCKAROACH LET’S END THIS FOR GOOD!”

Trish and Paige again approach each other. Trish is running towards Paige from one corner. Paige is smiling and walking towards the angry runner. Like an uncontrollable sneeze, Paige falls to one knee. A burning sensation of pain had echoed from Paige’s abdomen causing Paige to drop down.
The crowd gasps!

Paige mutters in a lower tone, “Lets see what ya got you bloody BITCH!”

Match Ending:

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