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Alexa Bliss is backstage with Lana. Lana is massaging Alexa.

Alexa starts, “It’s ok Lana! Maybe you didn’t have your Mania moment. But there’s always next year!”

A testy Lana fires back, “Lacey and The Beautiful People cheated at Mania! But we will get our revenge and crush.” Lana applies more pressure in her massage as she speaks.

Alexa reacts to the stiff massage, “Well don’t beat me up, save some of that for the ‘Beaut-‘… no… the ugly ppl!… in fact save some of it for next week! Stephanie approved you vs Madison for next week on RAW.”

Lana, “Next week I’ll show what I’ve learned during the pandemic! I’m a better fighter now! You are so wise Alexa! Keep sharing your knowledge with me. Soon after I become as good as you I’ll finally put all those beautiful bitches in their place!”

Alexa, “any time girl!… can you go a little lower… to the left… oh yea! That’s the spot. Keep pressing there!”

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      1. This is very true. I mean three championships isn’t hard to keep up. Considering you do rivalries so it’s not hard to keep up. But tag matches can get a little long and messy sometimes

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