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Raw opens with Torrie Wilson in the ring. Torrie is grinning from ear-to-ear.Torrie paces the ring, just absolutely full of happiness. Of course, Torrie wouldn’t be Torrie without her classic lollipop in her mouth.

Torrie finally lifts the mic to her lips, at the same time she removes the lolli from her mouth. “I told you I’d win the Chamber! Go look at the tapes, because I told you I’d win the Rumble too. In fact, I think I need to do a lot of reminding now that I’m out here addressing everyone. I have to do it since the announce team fails to mention it. Ever since I’ve returned I’ve won every match I’ve been in. At Summerslam I beat Alexa! At Survivor Series the Beautiful People were defeated! I’ve won every match I’ve had! I’m undefeated!…”

The crowd boos Torrie.

“Last year at Clash of Champions I beat Trish Stratus!!!!… Mock my words ladies and gentleman… because I’m sure I’ll have to remind you guys the night after Mania too… I’m going to defeat Trish Stratus at WrestleMania! And finally,… my Ass will stink smother Trish’s face!”

Trish Status music plays and out she comes, to a thunderous ovation from the live audience.

JR: “Here we go King!”

Trish Stratus walks onto the stage to a cheerful reaction. The crowd is on their feet.

 Trish Stratus is bandaged up from the night before. She’s bandaged on her neck and forehead. Trish speaks into the mic, “It’s been awhile…”


“but it feels good to be back!… there’s a lot of things I want to talk about… but there’s something personal I need to address……………… Torrie Wilson I’m so happy you won at the Elimination Chamber. Because I haven’t forgotten about the torment you put me through while I was under Ariel’s power. You made me your bitch!”

The crowd boos.

“At WrestleMania things are perfect now! I finally get my revenge for my loss to you last year, and I get payback for everything you’ve done to me! At WrestleMania you’re my last target!”

Torrie Wilson mouths off, “Trish tonight is the preview to Mania! Watch closely tonight, because the girl I’m facing tonight… she kinda looks like you.” Torrie winks to the camera, and puts her Lollipop in her mouth. Torrie’s music plays to end the segment.

JR: “Torrie Wilson has beaten everyone she’s stepped into the ring with. She’s beaten everyone in the Chamber match except Mandy Rose. Tonight Torrie faces Mandy Rose.”

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