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SummerSlam 3.2 Alexa Bliss Vs. Torrie Wilson

Alexa’s music hits and she power walks her way to the ring. Alexa is all business tonight. Alexa heads to the time keeper area grabs her mic and rolls into the ring. “Torrie get your slutty ass out here, we’re settling this tonight!” Crowd reacts positively.

Torrie’s music hits. She comes out mic in hand. “Alexa I gave you my ass on Raw this past week and you still want more???” Torrie is all smiles, using Alexa’s words against her.

Torrie is walking to the ring in a robe and lollipop in her mouth.

Alexa: “Bitch! Your using me to fulfill your stupid desire to put your ass in Trish’s face. You called me Trish and acted like I was her. Your beef was with her but now your beef is with me.” Alexa is pointing a lot at Torrie and herself as she talks. She’s passionate right now about what she says.

Alexa: “this is last minute grandma, but I want our match to be an unsanctioned match. So I can give you some payback Bitch! Stephanie said it’s fine for my stipulation to happen as long as you agree. What I have in mind for our match tonight will be just as wicked as you were to me on Raw. During our match I’ll be able to do ANYTHING and I mean any FUCKING THING I want to you.”

The wwe keeps trying to keep up with bleeping Alexa out.

(Ross: folks were sorry about the language being used. Alexa doesn’t represent the views of the company.”)

Torrie makes her way up the steps and pauses at the corner. She stands her ground at the ring apron. She mockingly puts her hand to her mouth pretending to be shocked by what Alexa is saying.

Torrie: “Sweetie if you really want to go to war with me tonight I’ll agree to the stipulation. But I want something in….”

Alexa: “Name it! You want to get your dirty ass in my face if you win? Yea that’s fine! But we both know how good you are at wrestling. We’ve seen you wrestle before Torrie and you wrestle like shit!” Crowd erupts in cheers. Torrie looks on at Alexa, Torrie was struck by that last line. “I became better than you after 3 months in NXT than your entire time you had a wrestling career. Tonight your entering my world, a wrestling world! And I’m going make sure you never forget that my name is ALEXA BLISS! I am looking forward to humiliating you the same damn way you humiliated me on Raw!” the crowd is rallying behind Alexa and is siding with her.

Torrie is frowning at Alexa. But she regains her composure and begins smiling again like she has an ace up her sleeve.

Torrie: “You’ve got me figured Alexa. I did want your face to kiss my ass. I did want it to be a kiss my ass match. But I want you to know this. Since that Monday I haven’t showered.” Crowd interrupts in boos. “I want you to know, because I don’t want you passing out again until I let you, that I’m gonna take my underwear off in this ring after our match and your gonna get my asshole rubbed all over your pretty little face. After it’s all over, you’ll never get my scent out of your nose again. When you sleep at night my scent will be there. When you eat your morning breakfast tomorrow morning it’ll have a little bit of Torrie Wilson in your breakfast. Who knows Trish? I might be doing you a favor and you just might like it.” Torrie winks at Alexa and takes her lollipop out of her mouth and points it mockingly at Alexa. “You might like it more than this.”

Alexa has had enough. She runs at her but the ref is holding her down.

Torrie steps into the ring and disrobes herself. She throws her lollipop into the audience knowing that they’re gonna wanna taste despite them booing her.

It’s on!

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