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The WWE Champion Ariel is in the ring with her title wrapped around her waist. Ariel has a red lipstick smile across her face as the crowds been booing her for some time now. Ariel looks to the hard camera and sees the red light. She recognizes she’s live now.

Ariel begins, “A few months back I challenged for the title against the champion at the time, Paige, and she beat me. She gloated over my defeat. She defeated me in a casket match. And I disappeared… well I didn’t really disappear… I was planning. And boy did my plan take off… I recruited Trish Stratus. I knew Trish would beat Paige… Trish couldn’t do it at her age but ‘Trish Prime’ could beat Paige. Trish Prime defeated Paige last year at TLC and I defeated Trish Prime at the Royal Rumble! And Paige is gone! Paige… I won! REVENGE IS BLOODY SWEET!”

Ariel stops herself from talking as the crowds begin chanting “ASSHOLE!” Ariel wicked smile suddenly appears again. The boos just encourage her more.

“The point is, my planning has been precise, and I have continued to get ‘my way’ until last night. I became champion and defeated the great, Trish Stratus. I defeated the woman who defeated Paige and stand before you for the first time, as champion…”


Ariel rolls her eyes as she continues, “…The plan was for Trish to win the Rumble, for Trish to win the Chamber, and for me to face Trish again in an epic battle at Wrestlemania! But that door seems to have closed… Trish isn’t in the Chamber! She didn’t win the Rumble! Trish didn’t even make it into the RUMBLE!…”

Some cheers from the crowd as they see frustration in Ariel’s tone. Ariel pauses in thought as she glares at the audience. She seems to be searching for her words carefully.

“…Something I didn’t plan for… something I just wasn’t prepared for… was actually all of you… the fans… The biggest fan of Trish Stratus… the one who’s using her moves in her matches… the one who’s been a thorn at my side lately is none other than the fan,… Brandi Rhodes!”

The crowd cheers wildly at the mention of Brandi’s name.

“Yea… Brandi…” Ariel pauses in thought some more before continuing. “Brandi it’s because of you Trish Stratus didn’t enter the rumble. It’s because of you Trish Stratus is not in the chamber. It’s because of you I won’t get to defeat Trish Stratus, again, at Wrestlem…”

Torrie’s music interrupts Ariel mid-speech with a mic in hand. Torrie begins, “Hi Mistress Ariel! I’m not sure if now’s a bad time but you’ve been ignoring me a lot lately and you made me a promise…”

Ariel tilts her head downward annoyed. Ariel knows what’s coming. Ariel is completely annoyed with Torrie Wilson and is at a breaking point with her. Ariel is just about ready to snap.

Torrie continues, “… you said if you become champion, I get Trish Stratus! You said it! You said I get what I’ve been wanting since I returned. I get that face between my butt cheeks. I get to smother her! You’re the champion now! May I please feast on Trish. My ass is hungry. And before you say anything, I’m in the Chamber too… Maybe we can dance at Wrestlemania too?”

Ariel’s frustration suddenly changes. From annoyance to wicked. Ariel has visibly changed her attitude all of a sudden. Ariel raises the mic to her mouth, “Of course… I made a promise to you. I said if I become champion you can have Trish’s face shoved up your ass to fulfill your sick fantasy. Let’s do it tonight! And let’s also talk about your placement in the Chamber. Maybe we can talk to Stephanie about getting you a favorable position in the Chamber.”

Torrie jumps happily into the air. “Really! Ok! Ok, I need to get ready!” Torrie rushes to the back.

JR: “The mind of Ariel is working King.  And like she said, she’s planned very well before and it looks like we’re on our way for the next phase.”

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