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Torrie and Mandy are in the ring. Torrie is eyeing Mandy up and down. Mandy circles Torrie too. The two competitors sizing each other up.

Mandy makes a bold dash towards Torrie Wilson. Mandy is going for a spear. Torrie sees it coming and lifts her boot up to connect her boot to mandy’s face. Kicking Mandy right in her beautiful face! Mandy goes tumbling to the mat.

Torrie picks up Mandy by her hair and gets her to the center of the ring. “Just like that Trish! My matches can end out of nowhere!” Torrie then drills Mandys face into the mat with a face buster in the center of the ring.

Torrie with a hook of the leg.







3! Torrie wins this match. Torrie lays her body on top of Mandy’s body. Just relaxing on her for a bit.

Torrie reaches into her underwear and pulls out a lollipop.

Torrie spits on the lollipop. She then lowers it onto Mandy’s lips. Torrie rubs her spit covered lollipop against the lips of Mandy. Slightly wetting the lips of Mandy with her spit. Torrie then carefully begins putting her lollipop into the mouth of Mandy.

“Suck it baby, suck my lollipop!” Torrie leaves her lollipop in Mandy’s mouth. Survival instinct kicks in for Mandy as she comes to life. A chocking hazard was imminent as the lollipop was lodged into her mouth. She coughs and sucks the spit covered lollipop.

Torrie begins dragging Mandy to the corner turnbuckle.

Trish Stratus music plays. “Torrie! Stop making other people suffer for your stupid fetish. You want to do a stinkface to someone do it to me! At WrestleMania one of us is going to suffer a stinkface at the grandest stage of them all! So let her go!”

Torrie let’s Mandy Rose go. “It’s on! We don’t have to wait until Mania! Come on down!”

The crowd cheers wildly.

Trish drops her title and makes a run for the ring to confront Torrie. Trish enters the ring and connects with a Lou thesz press to Torrie Wilson as they brawl in the ring. Stephanie dashes our the stage and sends wrestlers down to the ring to break them up.

The wrestlers are breaking the two apart is how raw ends.

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  1. Great build up for there Wrestlemaina match. Stink face match is it the first stink face wins or do you have to pin or submit your opponent

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pin or submit.
      It’s guaranteed a stinkface will happen at mania. Well just have to wait and see how it develops.

      Which matches are u looking forward to most at mania so far?
      Trish Torrie
      Lana BP
      Brandi Ariel
      Kelly Nikki
      Paige Ashley Graham.

      And who will win the matches.

      Liked by 1 person

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