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Margot is backstage, not on the interview set per usual. Instead, she’s following Carrie. The country sensation is eagerly opening doors just in a frenzy, as if she’s lost something very important.

Margot has the cameraman with her as she follows Carrie, “Ladies and Gentleman, I’m right now backstage with Country Superstar, Carrie Underwood and as you can see, she’s kind of looking for something important???? Carrie, if I can get your attention for a moment please?”

Carrie finally stops her search to get this woman off her back, “Yes Margot, I’m looking for…” Carrie looks at the camera and Margot as if a light clicked, “…Well darling, you’re right… I’m looking around. I’m looking for that mystery woman!” Carrie focuses on the camera to get her message out, and pleads, “If your watching this mystery woman, please tell me where you are.”

Margot looks puzzled, “Carrie I’m a bit confused by you??? I’ve got a dozen questions for you! Why are you looking for this mystery woman? Why was she slobbering all over your face last night?? I’m not sure if you just saw what happened out there to Angela… but do you know you’re booked for a match next week against whomever Angela finds as a partner for Hell in a Cell?…”

Carrie begins focusing more on opening all kinds of doors backstage and looking around. Margot follow Carrie as she searches for the mystery woman.

“… Do you even know you have a match in a Hell in a Cell??? Aren’t your worried about running into Angela????” Margot questions.

Carrie stops in her tracks and addresses Margot again, “Golly! You sure have a lot of questions for me Ms. Robbie…”

Margot looks at her perplexed. She has her mic eagerly at her lips awaiting her next words.

“Darling, I’ll try and answer all your questions but you and your camera need to promise me something. If you find this mystery woman alert me immediately!”

Margot responds eagerly, “Yes! Yes, Carrie I’ll do that! But what’s going through that head of yours??!!”

Carrie responds, “Well ok, let’s see…” Carrie waves her hand to her own face, like a fan cooling her off, “…That mystery girl is hot, isn’t she???!!! Since last night, I haven’t thought much about my loss… instead she’s got me feeling like a teenager playing 7 Minutes in Heaven!… and yes, I’m hoping I don’t run into Angela, but I just gotta find that girl!” Carrie dashes off searching.

Margot stops chasing her down and looks at the camera even more baffled, “uhmmmm… well ladies and gentleman… I got what I could out of Carrie… she didn’t answer all my questions… and she definitely seems a bit off… but maybe she doesn’t have to worry about Angela after what Nikki did to her tonight??? I’ll try and see if I can get a hold of Angela before the night is over!”

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