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Carrie is in the ring with Velvet. Velvet is looking pumped and so is Carrie.

JR: Stephanie has provided security guards for Carrie this week. There are two security guards by the ring to make sure Angela causes no interference in this match.

King: Let’s not forget JR, the Main Event tonight will feature a contract signing between Torrie Wilson and IC Champion Kelly Kelly!

JR: “How about who’s hosting it King? Sasha Banks returns tonight to host it!”

Back in the ring, Carrie is still being cautious of any interferences from Angela and is on high alert. But the security this week does help put her mind at ease.

The bell rings and the match is underway.

Carrie is first on the offensive as she applies a headlock on Sky. Sky uses the ropes to whip Carrie off of her and to the opposite ropes on the other end.

Velvet with a beautiful drop kick to the chin of Carrie.

Carrie goes down to the mat.

King: It’ll be interesting to see who wins this match because I don’t think I see any of these two win very often!

Velvet goes to pick up Carrie by her hair. Carrie with a snap kick to the head of Carrie while still laying on her back.

Velvet backs off immediately.

Carrie gets up and wraps her arms around Sky for a great German suplex into the bridge!

JR: Carrie with an impressive maneuver!!



…. And a kick out by velvet.

Carrie gets up but noticed Angela on the tron. Angela is staring back at Carrie with a look of anger. “You put me in the hospital and you used me to end Robbies career! Security guards will watch your back tonight but come Clash of Champions I’m going to whoop your ass! Just like Brandy did, just like everyone else seems to do!”

Carrie looks on at the tron worried.  

King: I’m telling you JR for someone like Carrie to always be in this position… it’s telling. Carrie always has someone after her and that person always beats her up!

Carrie returns her attention to Velvet who’s already up.

Velvet with a kick to the mid section. She double underhooks Carrie’s arms and nails Carrie with an In Your Face!

Velvet covers Carrie and eagerly counts along with the ref. ONE!!!! TWO!!!! Please say three! Please say three. The ref makes the THREE!

JR: Sky has done it! The Beautiful People have secured victory tonight.

Velvet celebrates like she won the super bowl.

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