S2 8.7 Main Event WWE Champ Trish vs Bri

Both women are in the ring Trish Stratus chants echo out through the entire arena. TRISH STRATUS! TRISH STRATUS! JR: “Bri has come alone to the ring for this match up.” Ding ding. Trish goes for a quick run towards Bri. Bri swings wildly. Trish ducks it and runs to the ropes, picking up momentum […]

S2 8.6 RAW Beautiful Dinner

The Beautiful People are having dinner. One of the Beautiful People is missing from the table. Ladies, we need to discuss something that’s been lingering for some time now. “I know what you’re going to say, Lace, and I’m with you on it. Madison is weak!” Angelina chimes in. “Heck yea she’s weak! I don’t […]

S2 8.5 Alexa and Lana Backstage… Again

Lana and Alexa are backstage and as they approach one another, they both speak at the same time, “GUESS WHAT?!” They stop each other until Alexa takes over, “oh, you have news too? Did you find us a partner?” Lana nods eagerly. “Ok Lana, I found a partner too, but promise you won’t be mad.” […]

S2 8.4 RAW Trish & Margot Again

If it were up to Margot she’d have an interview with Trish every week on Raw. This was her childhood hero growing up. The fact that she’s wrestling and she gets to interview her is just precious time to Margot. Unfortunately, she has to settle for catching Trish off guard to get interviews. Right now, […]

S2 8.3 RAW IC Champ Kelly vs Anna; Angela Update.

The bell rings and Kelly is in fighting stance. Her opponent is just standing there. Smiling. Awaiting her opponents next move. Kelly is engaged in combat and expecting the same from her opponent. Her opponent, just doesn’t get in the same fighting stance? She continues to stand there. JR: “These are mind games, King! It’s […]

S2 8.2 RAW Torrie Aftermath

As Torrie makes her way to the back to Gorilla Position she’s approached. She hears her name called by someone with a thick accent butchering her name. “Torrie Wilson! Torrie Wilson!” She turns around to see who’s calling her, weird, I have no friends around here, she thinks to herself. The Russian beauty is before […]

S2 8.1 RAW Torrie vs Madison

Both women are solo when in the ring. Torrie with a shoulder tackle to Madison knocking her down. JR: “Both these women are in need of wins tonight. I’m glad they’re facing off so that at least one of them can get a win.” Madison gets back up but Torrie knocks her right down again […]

S2 7.7 RAW Main Event Angela vs Nikki Rematch

Angela is in the ring awaiting her opponent, she came out alone. She sort of looks like Anna at the start of the HIAC match last night. She’s just standing there. Not a lot of rhythm to her. Nikki makes her way down the ramp power walking. She enters the ring and the bell rings. […]

S2 7.6 RAW Brandi Rhodes Wants an IC Title Match

Brandi Rhodes is powerwalking to Stephanie’s office. She looks irritated and ready to kick down Stephanie’s door. I’m not waiting in line another month, I’m going to get my damn IC title match even if I have to slap some sense into Stephanie’s head to make it happen! She’s in front of her boss’s door. […]

S2 7.5 RAW Mystery Woman Accepts

The Mystery Woman is backstage with two bodacious blondes, Anna and Carrie. A camera is being pointed upward at them. The woman looks rather majestic; being in the middle, between two beautiful blondes. JR: “We so rarely get to hear ‘about who’ this Mystery woman is. Since she’s debuted at Mania we still don’t know […]

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