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In the interview set, Margot is standing with Brandi Rhodes.

Margot: Ladies and Gentleman, I’m back here interviewing the incredible, Brandi Rhodes!

Brandi is gushing as she addresses Margot, “Thank you Margot for that introduction.”

Margot: You deserve it! You’re one of those people that always brings it in the ring and personally,… I’m a fan!”

Brandi wasn’t expecting this from Margot but she’s gushing even more now. “Thank you Margot… Thank you!”

Margot: Brandi tonight you’re getting in the ring with Nikki, Alexa, Bri and of course, Ashley Graham in a Battle Royal. The person who doesn’t get thrown over the top rope tonight wins. Any thoughts?

Brandi: “Well Margot I don’t like we’re not competing with the WWE Champion for the title but I’ll have to wait and see what’s going on there… But on another note, since Torrie and Carrie are not in this ‘contender’s match’ maybe I have a chance in this… In my number one’s contenders match for the IC title a few weeks back Torrie beat my old foe, Carrie, in that match with her rump.” Brandi laughs just a bit at this. “It’s kinda funny that in this match I’ll be in tonight will involve another woman who likes to get gross with her ass too, and that’s Ashley Graham. I’m still disturbed by what happened to Torrie at Mania but it looks like she’s moved on from it. And I’m glad she did because I’ve been humilated before, not on the level Torrie was at Mania, but I’ve put it behind me and moved on… But anyways, I hope the Bellas, Bliss, and I will be smart about this and neutralize Ashley Graham tonight. And whomever is the best amongst us should win it.”

Margot: Thank you for your time Brandi!

Brandi: Anytime!

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