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Bri makes her way down to the ring. She has a mic in hand.

“Go ahead and begin your count ref. I doubt Angela is coming.” Bri states dismissively.

JR: “Robbie left with Angela in the ambulance Bri is going to be taking home an easy win tonight”

“…8 …9 …10!” Ding ding!

“Well that was easier than when I beat Robbie last week huh?!” The crowd boos Bri. “At TLC I’m going one-on-one with Kelly Kelly. But before that, and I guess I’m doing free promotional work for Kelly; you see, in addition to my match with Kelly, Kelly will be sitting with Margot Robbie for an interview. I’m really looking forward to that interview. Kelly hasn’t been around since Survivor Series and (with sarcasm) I’m pretty curious what type of match its suppose to be. So I’m hoping that gets addressed during your interview because I haven’t heard anything. I also want to hear how you address my sister, Nikki Bella. Nikki was put in a hospital bed because of you! Nikki can’t be here tonight because of you! I’m not with my family at home because of you! I should be retired right now but I’m not because of YOU!” Bri pauses for effect.

The crowd boos Bri.

“Kelly, I don’t know if you decided what kind of match you want to have. But I’m someone who believes in Karma. At TLC let’s end this rivalry. At TLC I want to put you through the same thing you put my sister through… I don’t want a cell… But I want to put you through a damn table!”

The crowd likes the sound of that and cheers.

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