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Nikki is getting ready by herself in the locker room when the interviewer approaches with his camera.

Nikki’s running solo due to Dolce and company taking out Bri on RAW. At this time, Bri is not medically cleared. Bri will miss WrestleMania.

The interviewer asks an impatient Nikki, who she thinks is gonna win.

“Eww… that’s like asking me if I wanna eat trash or garbage. They’re the same thing!” Nikki retorts.

“But I’ll give you you’re headline. I know you want to ask someone who’s pulverized both of them. My pick tonight… I hope Trish wins. And I’ll tell you why… It should be me and Trish going one-on-one tonight! But Kelly stuck her nose where it didn’t belong and screwed me out of my Mania moment! I hope Kelly gets her nose shoved up Ashley Graham’s ass tonight! I’m rooting for Trish…. Now if you excuse me… I have an IC Title to win tonight!

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