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Alexa and Lana are getting ready for their matches tonight.

“I can’t wait to see you become the new WWE Champion Alexa!” Lana enthusiastically brings up.

“I’m super happy too! I’m so happy to be in the match!… Oh! and remember what I taught you for tonight. You can win tonight against Lacey. This is your revenge win against Lacey! You got this girl!” Alexa responds happily.

“Yes Alexa! Tonight I’m going to crush Lacey and you don’t need to worry about me out there. You focus on your match tonight. You don’t need to accompany me. You focus!” Lana says.

Alexa is all smiles as she looks up at Lana, “We make a great team Lana! You’re very supportive and I appreciate that! I can see you being the champ one of these days.”

“Yes, you need to focus and after you win Championship, I can fight you for the title!” Lana winks at Alexa.

Alexa is a bit taken back by what Lana says, but tries not to loose a step, “*cough*…Yea… right on! Right on!”

Lana heads out for her match against Lacey.

Alexa looks away a bit surprised by what Lana said.

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