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The two bombshells square off and approach one another. Torrie is the taller woman and has that advantage over Trish as they meet in the ring and continue to stare each other down.

The two talk trash to each other that’s inaudible. As animated as they get when close to each other, Torrie is first to make a move and pushes Trish. She pushed Trish actually downward, causing her to lose her balance and fall on her bubbly tushy.

Stunningly Beautiful Torrie Wilson

Trish is taken back by this force from Torrie as she is now looking up at Torrie, a mix of surprise and anger. Trish notices something else though while down. The sexy, Torrie Wilson above her smells funny tonight. Torrie while grinning down at Trish, then stomps the upper chest of Trish while she’s down.

Trish is flat on her back now as Torrie continues to angrily stomp away at different parts of Trish’s body. Trish is attempting to shield herself as she realizes she’s on defense against this taller foe.

Torrie lowers herself to straddle Trish’s tummy. She reaches down and grabs Trish by her hair and pulls her close so she can begin leveling her with punches.

Super Cute Torrie Wilson Hot Photos

Trish suddenly headbutts Torrie in her lip; causing Torrie Wilson to immediately back away from the champion. Trish now entering the offensive mode rises up to continue her attack.

Torrie has her back to Trish as she continues to check her lip. Trish spins Torrie around and delivers one of her signature knife edge chops to the big boobs of her rival. Trish delivers a second and some more until she has Torrie reeling back first into the corner turnbuckle.

The buxom beauty plays the audience and licks her own hand for one last chop. The crowd cheers. The little beauty then smacks Torrie in her chest one more time.

Trish lifts the taller blonde and places her, ass first, onto the top turnbuckle. Trish gets some hair out of her face as she has the bombshell now even higher above her than before. Trish then realizes that if she loses this match to Torrie that Torrie has some horrible intentions for her if she loses. Trish gets a whiff of Torrie’s privates and it just smells. Torrie intends to put her dirtiest self onto the face of Trish.

JR: Trish seems to be setting up for Stratosphere.

Torrie once again kicks the upper chest of Trish pushing the champion back. Trish comes back at the challenger but Torrie again kicks her, again.

Trish runs towards Torrie for stratosphere but Torrie catches the legs of Trish and holds on. Torrie’s like a spider as she catches an unsuspecting fly in a trap.

A devious smile as Torrie elbows her opponent’s nether regions repeatedly. Trish cries in pain as Torrie continues elbowing the champion.

Torrie Wilson Hot Photos  13

The referee finally breaks it up, “that’s enough!”

Damage has been done as Torrie relinquishes her opponent. Trish is dazed as she holds her crotch in pain.

Torrie begins setting up  and leaps into the air for a cross body takedown!

Trish has tears coming down her eyes from the pain as she sees her opponent falling with style towards her.

Out of desperation Trish turns the flying crossbody into a insane power slam crashing Torrie into the mat.

The force causes Trish to go flying as Torrie gets slammed into the mat. Both women are down now.

The ref checks on both women to see if they’re still breathing.

1… the ref begins a count of 10 as both women are down.



4.. 5…

Torrie crawls to the ropes

Torrie crawls to the ropes as the champ does the same.

Torrie is thinking about how to end this now. Torrie did some critical damage to Trish and she knows Trish operated on instinct to power slam her. “She thinks she’s going to do that stupid running knee, I know her too well to be surprised by that shit. She has no idea what I have in store for her after I win this, I’m taking that face up my ass!”

Trish is in the corner sizing up the threat before her. She’s recovered but she’s eager to close this match out.

Trish begins her familiar dash, the dash is different though as even Trish feels it’s rather ill-timed. However, Trish wants to end this match.

Trish leaps into the air for a running knee!

Torrie has it scouted and ducks it, by falling to her back before Trish can connect. A panic look on Trish’s face occurs as she wasn’t prepared for the dodge… Trish crashes against the turnbuckle knee first.

Torrie pulls up right behind Trish for a schoolboy roll up!









JR: “Torrie has got the tights! Torrie has got the tights!”






King: “not like this!”




3! Is what would have ended this match but Trish kicked out last minute.

The crowd gasps in shock as they thought it was over.

Trish is hanging on to Torrie’s arm as she turns her pinning predicament she was just in into a cross-face our of nowhere!

Torrie is reaching for the ropes! She’s thankfully close to it she grabs it as the ref starts demanding Trish get off of her.

Trish applies more pressure to hurt Torrie some more. She’s ignoring the ref out of desperation. She doesn’t wanna find out what Torrie has in store for her.

The ref pushes Trish off of Torrie. Trish is shocked by the ref pushing her. She gets up and gets in the referee’s face to argue as the ref backs off. Trish returns her attention to The taller blonde.

Trish drags Torrie to the middle of the ring as the wounded challenger shrieks in pain.

The crowd comes to life from the drama and cheers the champion on as she now applies Torrie Wilson into a sharp shooter!

Torrie reaches outward, “NOOOOOOOOO!” Torrie is desperate as she refuses to tap out. “I don’t want to! I won’t!!” Torrie begins crawling with Trish on her back. Trish begins pulsing on Torrie’s back to hurt her some more. Torrie drops down onto her face screaming in pain. She yells to the top of her lungs. But it can’t be heard as the crowd is pleading with her to tap. They pound the floor to encourage a submission win.

Suddenly, from the pile of dirt there seems to be movement. A hand bursts from the dirt like a zombie graveyard.

King: “A hand just came up from the dirt over there JR!!!!!”

JR: “That’s where Ariel was buried!”

From the dirt emerges a beautiful woman.

JR: “That’s not Ariel!”






Torrie sees the figure from the dirt emerge. Tears go down her face in agony as she can’t hold on much longer.

Torrie with a last ditch effort reaches forward to grab the ropes…

…she doesn’t make it and collapses face first on the mat. So close to the damn ropes.

The zombie from the dirt begins walking to the ring. Trish doesn’t see the figure, her back is to the mysterious woman.







“I can’t hold on much longer!!! Please HURRY!!!” Torrie screams.

Torrie begins pounding the mat with her palms extended.

Torrie taps out.

Trish’s theme plays as Trish collapses onto the mat in exhaustion.

The bell rings to end the match.

The woman covered in dirt is now in front of the ring.

Security begins storming out towards the ring, like stormtroopers. They stop when they get close to the mysterious woman.

The woman turns to look at them then begins retreating up the ramp. It looks like Moses parting the sea as she retreats up the ramp and to the back. Security avoids any contact with her keeping themselves at least six feet away from her.

King: “This woman had intentions it looks like JR. but because of all this security that rolled out. It looks like she’s deciding to hold off on what she’s planning.”

The mystery woman leaves to the back.

JR: “What the heck is going on around here!!!?!?”

Stephanie McMahons music plays as Ashley Graham makes her way out.

The crowd still doesn’t know what to make of what’s going on.

Ashley with a purpose makes her way to the ring and enters it. Ashely is dressed scantily. Her body exposed, ass hanging out of her underwear that barely contains her. Both women are still down as Trish notices the behemoth before her. Security hands Trish a mic as Ashley stands her ground above the women.

Trish is on her ass holding onto the title as she begins speaking into the mic, “I know that everyone wanted to see a stinkface tonight….” Trish now rolls out of the ring. “I’ve never given a stinkface and I don’t like them… but since Torrie promised there would be one tonight…” Trish breathes heavily, “I found someone who doesn’t mind giving one.” Trish drops the mic as she heads up the ramp. Security is letting her pass up the ramp.

JR: “The security people are here for Ashley Graham. They’re making sure she gets to the ring it looks like.”


Ashley looks over at Torrie.

JR: “We still don’t know who that woman was but I hope we find out soon.”

King: “JR, I’m connecting dots here, but to me, I suspect that Ashley has been waiting for this. Ashley’s first and only pinfall loss… is to Torrie Wilson from the Elimination Chamber.”

JR: “Good point!”

Up next is the AFTERMATH…

**thank you all for voting! I didn’t think I’d get as many votes as I did in this poll. Thank you so much for the support and I love reading the comments left! I do respond to them!** 😀

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    1. Did u think it was going to be a win for Torrie?
      The mystery woman was suppose to set up the next season. Do you think she’s hot?

      The story was suppose to finish with Trish vs Torrie or Ariel at mania. I was leaning more towards Trish losing at mania.

      But I respected the voting, even though it was really close.
      It’s ok though.
      I’ll release the aftermath really soon.


      1. Yeah I thought Torrie was going to win lol she’s hot and can’t wait for what next to come any story’s coming up?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Not yet. I gotta plan it out. Maybe around summerslam

        I’ll probably release the last chapter tomorrow or Monday.
        I feel like these turned into lost episodes lol.

        How do you think it’ll end for Torrie in the next chapter?


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